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Secret Storages founder Jack Billington is open to discussion. Jack has been known as self-defense trainer for almost 10 years.

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Write For Us: Guest Contributor Guidelines

Looks like you are interest in writing for Secret Storages? No problem! I’m always looking for new writers who can reach to my readers with a good story. No matter, are you a blogger, or professional writer – everyone can have a word if you have something to say! Writing for Secret Storages is a great opportunity for you to share your story and demonstrate your writing skills. You can share your opinion, thoughts, guides, tutorials, and just a great story, and have it published on my blog! That’s the way you can become an influencer

What I’m Looking For:

Secret Storages is focused on self-reliance. The main thing for any article is that it must be entertaining. Also, it has to teach readers how to be more self-sufficient in any conditions and any place – travel, home, work. I want any article to bring a portion of useful information for my readers and be written around primary topics pointed below that all related to defense:

  1. Survival Skills;
  2. Preparedness (Emergency, Disasters);
  3. Cooking;
  4. Self-Defense;
  5. Home Defense;
  6. Martial Arts;
  7. Shooting;
  8. Fitness;
  9. Homesteading;
  10. Military

What I expect to see:

  • Original Content – It must be unique (I hope you understand this requirement). I won’t accept duplicated, curated, syndicated, or marketed (duplicated with minor changes) articles (I will check). If you decided to write for my readers, it must be something new;
  • Focus – The article you’re going to pitch, must be at one topic mentioned above and must be focused on that topic only. Make it simple but informative;
  • Word Count – Article’s size must be somewhere between 500 to 2,500 words. The article over 2,500 words will be separated into two different posts if they will fit in guidelines after that;
  • Writing Skills – Use correct grammar and spelling. I don’t have much time to edit your posts;
  • Images – If you going to send your own images, all of them must be made by yourself, or carry a Creative Commons 2.0 license. It must be at least 1000×600. All images will be watermarked with the Survival at Home logo.
  • What you will get?

    Thee things:

    1. Backlink to your blog/website;
    2. Social media exposure;
    3. Promotion on my website.

    If you are ready, please, submit the form below to get started!

Wallets First - Conquering The Fashion World After

To keep it in short words - I often follow-up a perspective projects on Kickstarter.

Recently, I noticed The Ultra Slim RFID Wallet start-up. And I decided to contact with it’s founder - Kenette Louis, who has designed handbags & accessories for Coach, Levi’s, Pottery Barn, MCM. I took an interview with him that you can read below:

Q. How did you came up with idea to make a super slim wallet? You have one from some manufacturer that's not comfortable, or it's a result of good marketing research?

A. The idea came from market research and personal obsession with SLG (small leather goods). I was looking to create a wallet that was slim, RFID protected, and could carry a variety of currencies.

Q. When your project succeeds, do you plan to make more versions: different colors, perhaps with a padding. For example, it would be interesting for me to have such a wallet in camouflage style.

A. If the project is successful, I plan on doing additional colors: fawn, brown and a pop-color that is very appealing to women.

Q. Are photos in your Kickstarter project still in prototype stage? Is it a prototype or it’s already final product that buyers will get?

A. The current photos are from the second round prototype sample from the manufacturer. It is a great representation of what the final product will feel and look like; It is exactly as I imagined it during the concept stage.

Q. I have to say, I like that it’s not a flip-type because a flip-wallet loses presentable look at the bend mostely in a month. But the topics of my blog simply oblige me to ask about reliability. Materials and seams are first things that spoiles during a daily use. It's not hard for me to pay $ 200 for a wallet, but I would like to receive a thing that will not spoil in 1-3 months. So, how durable is it?

A. I put all of my product engineering skills that I learned from Coach to make a better product. The main compartment which holds currencies is turn-edge. I made it turn-edge specifically not to have a stitch line across the top edge and to be as minimal as possible. Having the top edge turn-edge, the interior walls will never delaminate from aggressive usage. This is one detail that was added to the wallet.

Q. Do you have similar projects that you have now at the prototype stage, which my readers can view? You wrote that you note all of users feedbacks at prototyping stage.

A. Please see link for pictures of the project:

Q. You, as a designer of this wallet, tell me, for whom it is more suitable - for women or men? It seems to me that it’s more suitable for men, but I am almost 40 years old and I understand almost nothing in modern fashion.

A. A majority of my Kickstarter projects and my personal line KENETTE ( are unisex. I'm not designing for a specific person or genre. I'm designing based on my own personal taste and how I see the world as an accessories designer.

Q. How can customers buy your wallet? Will you sell it at Amazon or at your own website? Or other marketplace?

A. I currently sell previous projects on my website only ( and

Q. No offense, but many doubt the quality of products and services that Indians provide. I understand that production in India is cheaper, but still, will this affect the quality?

A. Great question. I make these wallets in India to pass the saving to the customers (The Direct-to-Consumer Model). There is a misunderstanding that Italy makes the best product, which is not true. By making it in Italy, you are paying for the name, and having "Made in Italy" comes at a high cost. What part of the world the product is made in is not important; the selection of the factory is essential. I believe the factory is your partner and represents what the company stands for.

Q. Please share with your plans, maybe you think to make some more interesting accessories?

A. My plan and my vision are to launch my eponymous line KENETTE in the summer of 2018. I'm doing this to raise enough money to start the business. About the brand, KENETTE is inspired by architectural lines and nature’s motifs. Each design is distinctive in form and thoughtfully crafted with the highest quality materials and techniques.

So, if you didn’t check his project – don’t waste your time and do it right now. From my perspective, it deserves to live.

America's Best and Worst Cities for Crime

A lot of people see and consider Americ as a wonderful place to live, work, meet new people, and establish themselves as individuals. However, this country is well-known for the crime. The quality of life in cities here depends on neighboorhood. Here you can find very poor and dangerous areas not far away from areas that look prosperous, calm, and very attractive. Unfortunately, there are quite a lot of cities that can spoil the whole impression of America as long as news that come from those cities, scare people and make them believe that the whole country must be like that.

So, here we would like to show you 5 Best and 5 Worst cities for crime in America

Best US cities for crime

Review top 5 safest and calmest cities that provide a good level of life and do not have high crime rates. Check the statistics and compare how safe these cities are for life with other places in the U.S.

Nassau-Suffolk, NY

The city is within the New York metropolitan area and has the second-lowest overall crime rate in the nation. Here the crime rate of violence and property is really low. There was an increase in the violent crime total in 2015 in the city, however, now this is quite a lovely place to live in. You will unlikely find a lot of crime events that are described on TV or Internet because this place is relatively safe.

Ventura is another safe and calm city with a very low property crime rate and one of the lowest larceny rates in the country. According to the statistics from crime source, violent and property crime rates are much lower compared with other cities in America. The crime rate per 1,000 residents comes to 39.19. Your chance to become a victim of a violent crime in the city is 1 in 293 and victim of a property crime 1 in 28. The city is very welcoming for tourists and looks wonderful at any time of the year because of its position along the Pacific coast.

Danbury, CT

Danbury has lowest overall crime rate in the nation, as well as the lowest property crime rate. The crime data shows that the overall in Danbury crime rates are 12% lower than in comparison to the Connecticut mean and are 37% lower than the nation's mean. Regarding violent offenses, the city has a rate that is 17% lower than the Connecticut average, compared to the United States, it is 51% lower. Looking at crimes involving property, Danbury, CT is 12% lower than its state's mean, and 35% lower than the country's average. For every 100,000 people, there are 4.89 daily crimes that occur in Danbury which is a great rate. This allows people to have a comfortable and sage life. The city was called safer than 59% of the cities in the United States. Here you have a 1 in 56 chance of becoming a victim of any crime.

Pittsfield, MA

Pittsfield is the largest city and the county seat of Berkshire County, Massachusetts. The city does not only have one of the nation's lowest murder rates but a very low larceny rate, However, the rate of forcible rape is significant. Here for every 100,000 people, there are 8.63 daily crimes but it is safer than 14% of the cities in the United States, which makes the life for people here relatively positive and prosperous. In the city, you have 1 in 32 chance of becoming a victim of any crime. The number of total year over year crimes in Pittsfield has decreased by 10% which is a great news for residents of this nice and green city,

Wheeling, WV-OH

is a city in Ohio and Marshall counties in the U.S. state of West Virginia that has a wonderful landscape. The city is very calm and attractive to visitors' eyes. At the first sight, this city looks like a dream for many families who want to live in the house, have pets, and enjoy nature.
While property crime is extremely low in Wheeling, the rates of murder and assault are a bit higher than might be expected. The overall crime rate in Wheeling is 20% higher than the national average. There are 9.32 daily crimes per 100,000 residents. The city is safer than 6% of the cities in the United States. The number of criminal activities has increased by 3%, still, the city is considered one of the safest in America.

Worst US cities for crime

Check 5 most dangerous cities in America that have the highest crime rates.

Detroit, MI

Those people who visited Detroit will tell you that they have not seen anything like this before. You will not see people walking around streets. You will see cars that drive on highways only. The population of the city reaches 713, 239 and the violent crime rate reaches 2,137 per 100,000 residents. This is an incredibly high rate which makes the city the most dangerous in America. According to FBI report, the city of Detroit regaine the title as the most violent city in America in 2016. The worst problem of the city is the quality of life, abandoned homes, troubles with police, and bankruptcy.

St. Louis, MO

This is another famous city for being called the worst for the crime. The crime rate here increased from the 1960s through the early 1990s because of low inflation, the decline of open-air drug markets, and a decline in crack cocaine use. The population of the city comes to 320,454 people and the crime rate reaches 1,857 per 100,000 residents. In 2014, St Louis was ranked as the 19th most dangerous city in the world by the Mexican aid organization CCSP-JP. However, it has been noticed, that the crime rate in this city goes does every year, which is a good news.

Tucson, AZ

Tucson is a city and the county seat of Pima County, Arizona and second biggest city in this state has one of the highest property crime rates in the country, especially larceny. However, the city has a very low murder rate. The overall crime rate in Tucson is 135% higher than the national average. For every 100,000 people, there are 18.23 daily crimes that occur in Tucson. The statistic shows that you have a 1 in 16 chance of becoming a victim of any crime in this city and finally, which is unfortunate, the city's crime rate has increased by 16%.

Memphis, TN

According to Forbes, Memphis was called one of the most dangerous cities in America. Nowadays, it takes the eleventh place in violent crimes for major cities around the U.S. Back in 2001, 2005, and 2007, Memphis was ranked the second most dangerous city in the country with a population more than 500,000 people. Violent crimes dropped from 12,939 in 2008 to 12,047 the next year. Robbery dropped from 4,788 in 2008 to 4,137 in 2009. Aggravated assault dropped 53,870 in 2008 to 47,158 in 2009. Here the police reports more problems than in other cities. However, the violent crime rate has dropped by 68 only.

Atlanta, GO

Atlanta is a wonderful looking city, however, it has been facing crime problems since the middle 20th century. According to the FBI, the crime rate in the city dropped by 40 percent, homicide by 57 percent, rape by 72 percent, and violent crime overall fell by 55 percent between 2001 and 2009. The city was an important distribution center for cocaine, and other related drugs imported from Mexico back in the 1990s. The city is also famous in crime being a large transportation hub of trafficking young girls from Mexico and children. In the year of 2007, the sex trade generated $290 million in Atlanta.

Now you know what places in American are safe and what places are best to avoid. If you are thinking of visiting some of them or moving hoping to change the quality of your life, check the crime rate of the city you would like to live in because this is a major factor that will influence your lifestyle and quality of living.

By taking into consideration the rim rate of the city, you would like to live in, you will predict how safe, free, and certain you will feel there. This will help you to make your children's life choosing a good-quality school finding a decent job position, etc.



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