3-Sided Storage Shed Ideas: 7 Tested DIY Options



Most of us look at a three-sided shed as a simple backyard structure. DIYers, on the other hand…

… we see it as an opportunity!

Making a three-sided shed is the perfect DIY project to take on if you’re looking to level up from simple craft and tackle something more ambitious.

It’s just complicated enough to get you into your creative zone and get your happy chemicals firing – but easy enough not to frustrate you.

But the best thing about taking up the project is the leeway it gives you to get creative!

And I’m here to help you find inspiration.

Take your time to devour my list of the best ideas for a DIY 3-sided shed. It has been done before – there’s no reason you can’t pull off a better version!

1. Adorable Shed with a Cute Blue Hue

There’s something very pacifying and serene about Kandice’s shed design. The blogger from Just the Woods makes it super rustic!

Building it yourself is a sure-shot way of ensuring that you have the most elegant backyard in the neighborhood!

The basic idea is to use 2×4, 1×4, and 1×6 planks for the frame and fortify the base with some concrete. It may look delicate, but it’s built like a tank.

Kandice even jokes about confidently hiding in it when the zombies attack!

Of course, you can give it your own spin: tweak the design to your liking and paint it to match your taste.


Check out how Kandice from the Just the Woods blog got her kids involved in this delightful shed.

2. Chic and Functional 3-sided Bike Shed

If you have kids, you can relate to Tamar’s struggles with storing her kids’ bikes and scooters safely outside the garage.

But even if you don’t, the bottom line is, her simple, chic shed design is perfect for putting your bike and tools away.

She uses some 2×2 planks and Cedar boards to put it together and fortifies the base with some on-grade foundation. Easy!

While Tamar only adds hooks and small hooked baskets for helmets and tools, you can add bigger baskets or make shelves, and even give it a coat of paint that complements your yard.

Depending on the size you have, you can do a lot with sheds when it comes to customizing.


Seasoned DIYer Tamar built this chic and spacious shed for her kids’ bikes and scooters. Check out her tutorial over at her blog 3x3custom.com.

3. Rustic and Graceful 3-sided Shed for Animals

Aiming to make a shed for animals is a lot more ambitious than building a smaller, simpler three-sided shed.

But with bigger space comes more opportunity to personalize!

Or you can stay true to ReefDVMs’ tutorial and build a beautifully rustic shed for your animal friends.

It’s easier to pull off than you would think: lay the foundation, set up the frame, and assemble the back wall. Proceed to build the sides, and finally finish off with the roof.

Time-consuming? Yes. Worth it? Definitely!

4. Beautiful and Expansive Storage Shed

Building your very own storage shed is one of the best ways of making use of extra backyard space.

The fundamental idea is uncomplicated: make the floor frame, the skids, and the frame joists, and secure them to the foundation.

After the foundation has dried and strengthened, lay the trusses and finish the roof.

Paint it to your liking, making sure the colors complement your house.

Making a beautiful, airy storage shed is that simple!


5. Subtle-Yet-Serviceable Garden Shed

Auto shop teacher Andrew Kavanagh shares the documentation of his process of building a super serviceable garden shed on his YouTube channel.

The fact that he finished the project in just a day is a testament to his skills!

He breaks it down into simple steps, and he starts by leveling off the ground for the foundation of the shed.

Next, he positions the primed and painted rear wall, followed by the sidewall frames.

Once he’s done sheathing the sides, he finishes by repeating the same procedure for the roof.

If you’re on a budget, but still want the aesthetic and storage a garden shed offers, Andrew’s tutorial is the (free!) masterclass you must take!

6. Minimal and Durable Backyard Shed

Expert DIYer Joseph Truini never shies away from sharing his woodworking methods. His post on the Rockwell Tools outlines the right way of making a backyard shed.

He goes over the ideal spots to position a shed in a backyard, and also speaks about the correct size and structure of the shed.

Truini suggests using low-maintenance materials and allowing air movement to rule out wood’s worst enemy: moisture.

Making sure the mudsill is at least 6 inches above grade is essential. Also, never block sunlight; keep a clear distance of a minimum of 3 inches on all sides.


Make sure you read bestselling author and DIY guru Joseph Truini’s post on Rockwell Tools to learn how to build durable sheds just like this one.

7. Adorable Blue Mini-Shed with 3 Sides

DIYer Amanda Hendrix is no different than us: she wants her backyard neat and organized.

But her DIY solution cuts down on cost – almost halving the market price of the base!

She uses only the regular assortment of essential DIY tools to build her adorable blue shed. Her process is elementary: lay the foundation, build the base, frame the walls, add the joists, fill the sides and roof, and finish with paint!

This shed along the side of the house is perfect lawn equipment or storing a motorcycle if you don’t have an enclosed garage space.


Head on to Amanda’s blog post to get a better glimpse of her process.

Building your own shed is not just fulfilling, it’s often cheaper, and the quality of the outcome is better than something in a shop.

There are are affordable shed prices out there, you just have to decide what it is you need and figure out what you want to spend.

Remember: there are no rules in DIY! Don’t be afraid to take chances and make something new that blends both creativity and functionality.

There are thousands of ideas scattered around the internet, but with a head full of some of the best ideas around, you will be able to get to DIYing in no time!

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