Discrete Attic Storage Ideas to Consider During your Next Remodel

attic storage tips

attic storage tips

What are you currently using your loft or attic space for? Is it an empty room taking up space with no valuable purpose? Do you even notice that it’s there?

If you’re not taking advantage of all the wonderful storage space your loft or attic has to offer, then it’s time to make a change. Why leave an entire space empty when you could be making use of it?

We understand that you don’t want to place your items in a place that’s difficult to get to and from, so we have some amazing attic storage ideas that you’ll want to look into. When you store your items correctly in the attic, you won’t have to worry about difficulties retrieving them.

Are you ready to maximize your storage space and free up some room inside your actual home? Continue reading below for a few great storage ideas for your attic!

Install Rods and Shelves

Who doesn’t need more closet space for their clothes of all different seasons? Those heavy snow jackets and raincoats can take up a lot of space. When you’re not using certain clothing options, you should consider placing them in the attic.

Storing them in bins or boxes, however, takes up space and might lead to them having a stuffy smell when it comes time to use them. Instead, install rods inside your attic that you can hang your clothes on just like you would inside your closet.

You should also consider installing shelves in the attic. Use hanging shelves, or install some in any open space you can find. Purchase inexpensive shelving materials such as a basic metal and place as many as you can in your attic to improve storage space.

Use Labeled Plastic Containers

Although it’s better to hang your clothes and place other items on shelves, you most likely have plenty of things that can be safely stored away in plastic containers. If you do have things that you want to box up, be sure to use plastic bins rather than cardboard boxes.

Cardboard boxes can hold moisture and aren’t as durable as the plastic bins are. When using clear plastic bins, you can also see what’s inside of them, which can be beneficial. Even when using the plastic bins, though, be sure to label everything.

This will make finding the right bin much easier for you. Fill your bins up, label them, and stack them to save space!

Place Containers in Nooks

To maximize your storage space, you’ll want to use every inch of the attic that’s accessible. Place any containers you have in the nooks of your attic. If there’s room between boards on the floor or in the wall structure, you can use it to store your plastic contains or other bins.

This will help you get the most out of the space. If needed, you can purchase bin sizes that’ll fit into certain nooks.

Install Cupboards Under Eaves

Installing cupboards under the eaves in your attic is just another way to maximize your space. The area under the eaves is, in general, too small of a space to stand. They do, however, make for wonderful storage space that’s hidden away.

Because cupboards come with doors, you might not even notice that they’re there. All of your items will be discreetly placed inside the cupboard under the eaves and out of the way.

Place Corner Units in the Corners

Aside from random nooks in your attic space, you most likely have a few awkward corners as well. It’s not easy finding something to fit into the corner spaces of your attics. Normal shelves and bins are shaped in ways that won’t fit into corners.

Instead of trying to force something into a corner that won’t fit, you can purchase corner units. Corner units are shelving units made specifically for fitting into corners. They’re the perfect solution to using as much of your attic space as possible without causing you any stress.

Once in place, you can put plenty of knick-knacks on the shelves.

Hang a Ladder for Storage Rack

You’ll need a discrete ladder such as Instaloft ladders to reach your attic space and exit it. Not every type of ladder works well for entering and leaving the attic. If you have any old ladders lying around that aren’t fold-up ladders, you can hang them in your attic to create even more storage space.

Use heavy ropes or even bungee cords to hold the ladder up horizontally in a place like a shelf. You can then place a variety of items on top of it. Old ladder are great DIY projects for storage racks!

Use Bungee Cords for Balls

Speaking of bungee cords, you can do more with your bungee cords than hang up a ladder. Use a few bungee cords to connect them to an opened box. The longer the box, the better.

Place the box standing up vertically. Use the bungee cords to connect the top of the box to the bottom on the opened side. You can then place your footballs, soccer balls, baseballs, softballs, and other sporting goods inside the box.

The bungee cord will hold everything inside and make it easy for you to place something in it or take something out.

Which Attic Storage Ideas Will You Try?

With so many wonderful attic storage ideas in this guide, we’re sure there’s one that’ll work wonders for you, if not more! Use this guide to help you when creating your own amazing attic storage space.

Are you interested in more helpful tips similar to the ones in this guide? Keep checking back with us on a daily basis for all your secret and discrete storage needs!

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