Start With a Bedroom Gun Safe: Securing Firearms In Your New Home

Bedroom gun safe for firearms

Did you know that almost 30% of Americans are gun owners and nearly 40% of US citizens live in a household with a gun? Some homeowners decide to buy guns because they might go hunting or for personal defense.

However, storing a gun is a serious responsibility and gun owners should do everything to ensure proper gun safety in a household.

That’s where a bedroom gun safe comes into the picture. Having a safe or special box for gun safety at home is paramount to prevent unwanted incidents. Keep reading to learn more about gun safety and how to store your gun the right way.

Keep Your Gun out of Sight

Homeowners should never keep their guns on the coffee table, sofa, or nightstand. This probably looks great in movies, but in real life, it can be a recipe for disaster, especially if you have small kids in the house.

Make sure that you keep your handgun or rifle out of reach and out of sight. It should be stored in a place where kids don’t have access, preferably under lock and key.

Do Not Store Your Gun Loaded

Loaded firearms can be accidentally used by the other people in your house. Make sure that you always store your gun without bullets in it. Keep the ammunition in a different place, preferably under lock and key as well.

When you go hunting, you can just load your guns by yourself in a few minutes and you’re ready to go. When you come back, don’t forget to remove the remaining bullets before storing your gun.

Use a Bedroom Gun Safe to Store Your Gun

There are multiple types of gun safes available on the market these days. They are made from high-quality materials such as stainless steel and titanium.

They have regular locks or electronic locks and some of them can even be synchronized with your smartphone via a proprietary app. Such a case allows you to easily store a gun and keep it away from small children.

You might be happy to know that certain manufacturers make cases specifically for popular guns like the Glock or Hi Power pistol. These cases can hold your gun in a fixed position and they also come with additional accessories such as cleaning tools, etc.

Lastly, keep in mind that a gun safe can be customized according to your preferences. Some people install a gun safe inside a wall and cover it with a painting. Others add the safe on the floor and put a rug over it. You can also have the safe installed in your home office and hide it under a few folders and notebooks.

Install Additional Locks and Alarms for Your Gun

Most guns come with their own lock that prevents accidental shooting. You should use these locks to secure your firearms while storing them in a private area of your house. At the same time, you can also buy aftermarket locks that fit well with your gun safe.

For example, homeowners opt for an alarm system. This alarm will ring if someone is attempting to break the code of the safe or simply steal the gun.

Keep the Keys of Your Gun Safe Away From Plain Sight

If you opt for a gun safe with keys, chances are that you’ll also receive a few keys to lock and unlock the safe. Make sure that you always keep these keys away from your regular keys. Some homeowners put a key in a zippered compartment in their wallet.

It’s also possible to store a key in a local self-storage facility that’s being monitored 24/7. Leaving the key in plain sight will raise suspicions and increase your chances of losing it.

If you go for an electronic gun safe, make sure that you noted down your combination or PIN. Some gun owners note this combination on their smartphones and then store it in the cloud. You can also use a password manager that keeps track of all your passwords, including the PIN code for your gun safe. By doing so, you can always access your gun safe in case you forget the password.

Store Visitors’ Firearms in a Safe Place

Let’s say that you organize a big hunting session with some of your friends and they decide to bring their own guns. In this case, talk to your friends about gun safety and how to store the firearms safely, especially if they stay for the weekend. The guns of your guests should be stored with the same care and responsibility as you store yours to prevent unfortunate events.

Don’t Talk Loud About Where You Stored Your Gun

In some cases, you might discuss with your friends about gun ownership and storage and accidentally reveal the hiding place of your gun. You never know if a kid is actually listening to your conversation and becomes curious.

It’s best to keep such discussions private and have them only when small kids are sleeping or away from the room. Speaking of rooms, you might also want to visit and look for a larger house with multiple rooms, so no one can eavesdrop when you talk with your friends!

Remove Guns From Your House If a Family Member Feels Depressed or Suicidal

This is a serious issue that doesn’t need too much explaining to do. Studies show that more than 16 million US citizens battled at least one major depressive episode in 2016 alone. Chronic depression can lead people to do extreme things. If someone in your family or a friend of yours is battling serious depression, maybe it’s a good idea to remove the firearms from the house for a while.

Now You Know the Most Important Gun Safety Tips

Whether you go for a bedroom gun safe or you decide to store your gun in a different part of your house, you are doing the right thing.

A gun is useful when hunting or for self-defense purposes, but it also requires responsible handling for the owner. If you put the aforementioned tips into practice, you should be fine.

Also, make sure that you check out the other articles on our website to learn more about gun storage, loading, and how to become a more responsible gun owner.

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