Want to find the best collapsible baton? Here is the full review of 7 best expandable batons in 2018!

When it comes to non-lethal self-defense weapons, an average person is like a kid in a candy store. Well, at least I am because the assortment of such weapons is extremely high.

If you want to protect yourself against animals (like dogs) or some people (well, sometimes life throws surprises), you can choose among animal repellers, self-defense tasers, pepper sprays, stun guns and batons.

PhotoProduct nameFeatureProsMore info
1. Fast Strike FS 14 batonFast Strike FS 14 batonProduced by Fast Strike Defense company

  • Good price

  • Steel back end and steel cable inside

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2. Stainless BatonStainless BatonThis is an all-in-one product

  • Multifunctional

  • Good price

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Aquarium CiCi Survival StickAquarium CiCi Survival StickVery multifunctional tool

  • Good quality and materials

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Mega-Stun S-120Mega-Stun S-120The manufacturer is O-Mega Network

  • Reputable and reliable manufacturer

  • Good stun gun

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Guard Dog Security Metal Stun GunGuard Dog Security Metal Stun GunMore convenient to strike an opponent

  • Fine flashlight

  • Good stun gun

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Police Force Stun StickPolice Force Stun StickThere are two sticks in one package so it’s not expensive at all

  • Loud and noisy

  • Very good flashlight

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CyberDyer Tactical Survival PenCyberDyer Tactical Survival PenSimple, cheap and effective device

  • Really small and portable

  • Good price

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Collapsible batons can be a great choice if you want to get something non-lethal and effective. It’s a tactical weapon, which requires no training and techniques – all you have to do is to pull it out and strike, that’s all.

It’s also good for women. It’s quite difficult for the majority of women to use such things like a taser or stun gun because they need a very short striking distance. It’s not the best idea to let the attacker come closer, right?

That’s why batons are good – with one of them, you will not need to come closer. All of them have a very good striking distance, so you can hit&run if something is going wrong, without any risk.

However, you need to remember one thing: the speed and the power of the baton is actually zero, it’s all about your physical characteristics. More detailed – it’s all about your speed and strength.

That’s why despite I just said that no training is necessary, they would still be useful. The thing is, you will most likely have one or two strikes – after that, there are two possible results:

The attacker loses the opportunity to attack,
The attacker gets close enough to attack.

It makes sense that the first result is the desired one – and that’s why I highly recommend training regularly.

However, all the batons on my list are good enough to help you in the absolute majority of the situations even if you are untrained. But that’s not all – there are actually dozens of factors, and all of them should be taken into account.

The main difference, the main factor and the main cause of the disputes is the size – the situation is very similar to those eternal debates about which caliber is better, .45, .40 or 9mm.

Those who use batons argue about the “calibers”, too. 12 inches batons are very compact and cheap, 16 inches and 21-22 inches nightsticks are what I call a middle ground, while 31 inches monsters are really impressive and effective.

Other people argue about the manufacturer – some say that it would be better to buy the best ASP baton, the others – that Monadnock Lifetime Products and PeaceKeeper RCB sticks are better…

Well, material, manufacturers, weight – all these factors are important, but you don’t need to compare and evaluate them. I’ve done it for you.

Let’s begin. The first baton is called Fast Strike FS 14, but is it really a fast strike?

Here is a list of the best collapsible baton:

1. Expandable Collapsible Self Defense Stick – 26″

It’s not the biggest player in the market, but they still have some interesting goods.

Size: This baton is 26 inches long and weighs about 2 pounds. I will tell you the “working length” of every baton included in the list because all their handles are very similar.

Materials: It’s made of fiber plastic, except for the striking end – it is made of steel and steel cable, so both speed and strength are very good. The collapsible stick is a very interesting decision because of its portability.


2. Stainless Baton

This one doesn’t have a name, and it’s not just a baton. Interesting?

The thing is, this is an all-in-one product, which would be interesting for those who love outdoor sports. It’s a stick, a knife (actually two knives, multi and fish), and fire starter.

Well, I don’t really think you are looking for a fire starter right now, so let’s talk about this one as a collapsible baton. It’s made of stainless steel spade and aluminum, as they say, so it’s quite tough.

Size: It’s a quite big, 20 inches long stick, and it weighs 470 g (16 oz), so it wouldn’t be very convenient to carry it secretly.

Materials: It’s made of aluminum (which is not very good) and steel (which is much better). Well, at least it’s not plastic, right?

Well, it was made for other purposes – and if you are an outdoor sports lover, you don’t look for small size, you look for functionality. That’s why I can’t surely say that it’s a disadvantage, but well, let’s talk about it in my traditional pros&cons section.


  • Multifunctionality. It can be used as a baton, as a knife and as a fire starter – that’s exactly what you need when you are hiking somewhere in the mountains.
  • Material.
  • Price. It’s more expensive than FS 14, but the price is still quite low.

  • Multifunctionality. It’s not a mistake: the thing is, if you need a multifunctional tool, this one would be good. However, if you need something only to protect yourself, it’s not the best choice. It’s good at everything, but not perfect in anything.
  • It weighs a lot! Half a kilogram, can you imagine that? Definitely not the best choice for women.



3. Aquarium CiCi Survival Stick

It’s another multifunctional tool – but this one is even more “multi” than the previous one. Aquarius CiCi provides dozens of interesting tools and goods, and this is, basically, one of them.

Size: Just like the previous stick, it’s quite compact (for a survival stick): 25 inches long. However, it’s quite heavy (2.2 pounds). You can choose among gray, silver and black colors (I personally think that black version looks better).

Materials: Aquarium CiCi stick is made of aluminum and steel, just like the majority of the good sticks.

This stick is multifunctional, as I’ve just said – and after buying it, you will get fish and multifunctional knives, ice ax, emergency hammer and fire starter. And a stick itself, of course.

So as you see, it’s more interesting than previous stick – but it’s not as perfect as it looks like. Let’s see.


  • Multifunctional, useful for those who love outdoor sports.
  • Good quality and materials – aluminum and steel.

  • Size. It’s too short if you’d like to use it as a walking stick, however, it’s too heavy if you like to hike in the mountains.
  • WEIGHT! It’s very, very heavy, so I don’t know if it has any sense to use it as a retractable nightstick. As a multifunctional tool – yes, maybe (but pay attention to the previous point).



4. Mega-Stun S-120

A stick, which shouldn’t be used as a striking weapon, how about that?

The manufacturer is O-Mega Network, which is a quite big company in this market. This item, however, is not very common – but it’s a good choice for self-defense. Especially if you want to protect yourself against animals like dogs.

Why? The thing is, it’s called “mega-STUN” for a reason. It’s a stun gun, which means it’s main power is electric power – and such stun guns are perfect against dogs, according to my own experience.

Size: It’s quite long (19 inches) and very heavy (2.8 pounds, 1.2 kilograms), which means it’s not very comfortable to take it with you for every walk. It’s a good self-defense product, but not one of those sticks that can lie in your bag or pocket for weeks.

Materials: bad news, it’s not made of steel or aluminum. It’s plastic, with insulators – so you’d better not hit someone with it (unless it’s something like a threat to your life).

I also recommend to watch this video – it’s very short and you’ll understand how all these stun guns work.


  • Reputable and reliable manufacturer.
  • Good stun gun, bad striking weapon. I recommend it.
  • Needs two 9v batteries from Duracell to work. I like it, because the manufacturers don’t usually install expensive and high quality rechargeable batteries in their batons – so Duracell batteries are probably the best option possible.

  • Heavy. However, all the stun guns are heavy (if they are powerful, of course).
  • Bad striking weapon, as I’ve just said. The whole body isn’t made of steel, so if you hit somebody with it, it might break.



5. Guard Dog Security Metal Stun Gun

It’s another “non-stick” stick. I mean, this stun gun, just like the previous one, can be used as a striking weapon – but it would be more convenient to strike an opponent (whether it’s a man or a dog) with an electric power.

Size: It’s quite long (19 inches), so you will not need to come close to a person who attacks you. It is very powerful, and what is more, it’s also loud.

Materials: Aluminum stun gun with a cool flashlight – what else do you need? Opinions are divided about if steel is better than aluminum or vice versa, but I know one thing: both of them are good.

This one is made of aluminum. Fine.

I said “loud” because it can help you in some cases – thus, if you are attacked by a dog (or a coyote, for example), there are chances that this animal will be scared by the sound. Cool feature, isn’t it?


  • Good stun gun. If you need one, this item would be almost perfect.
  • Loud! Scared animals won’t hurt you, agree? (Not very loud, of course. You won’t need electronic ear plugs hearing protection, of course).
  • Fine flashlight. It isn’t only a flashlight – if you shine a light in the attacker’s eyes, disorientation is guaranteed.

  • You shouldn’t use it as a striking baton, because, well, it can just break.
  • It’s made of plastic (well, the end of the stick) – so I don’t recommend to drop it.
  • Some people say that new devices doesn’t work and don’t have chargers (or have broken ones). I don’t think it’s OK, but to the manufacturer’s credit: they always answer and solve the problem.



6. Police Force Stun Police Nightstick

It’s another stun gun, as you’ve probably noticed. Why have I added them here?

Well, there are two reasons. At first, stun guns are even more effective as a non-lethal self-defense weapon than just striking batons. They are very easy-to-use and of course, they are better for a non-trained user.

I’ve already said that the better you trained and the faster you are, the better effect you will have (with a striking stick). Stun guns don’t even need training – you just push the button, that’s all.

And of course, all these stun guns can be used as a striking weapon – they are heavy enough to hurt the attacker, so it’s like 2 in 1. This was the second reason.

Size: It’s not heavy (1.6 pounds) and not very long (15 inches), so it’s like an average stun stick.

Material: Made of machined aluminum, so there will be no problems if you prefer using it as a baton.

This stun stick is more powerful than the previous sticks – and it’s more expensive. But an interesting thing is that there are actually two stun sticks in a package! It means that the price is, actually, quite low (considering the characteristics of the stun gun).


  • Price. There are two sticks in one package so it’s not expensive at all.
  • Very good as a stun gun. 12 mil volts – wouldn’t want to be the guy who attacks the owner of this stick.
  • Loud and noisy, so it works against animals as well.
  • Very good flashlight.

  • In some packages the batteries are not included. However, this problem is extremely rare.



7. CyberDyer Tactical Survival Pen Retractable Nightstick

This telescopic stick is exactly what you need if you are not looking for all those stun guns, flashlights, and multifunctional tools. It’s a simple, cheap and effective device – and that’s why I like it.

Size: It’s a very lightweight and small stick (12 inches long, 0.5 lbs). If you want to carry it secretly or hide it under your clothes, it would definitely not be a problem.

Material: CyberDyer tactical pen is made of high hardness alloy – the manufacturer says that it can break bricks, but I wouldn’t blindly trust this nice promise. However, it’s still very hard to break it, and it will not break if you use it against people or animals.

An interesting fact is: the sticks by CyberDyer doesn’t have an automatic recovery. It means that this stick will not shrink when you are using it and it’s good – but it also means that it’s a little bit difficult to close it.


  • Really small and portable. It’s also much lighter than all the other items in my list, and I like it (sure you will like it, too).
  • Materials. It will not break if you would accidentally drop it, and of course it will not break if you use it against people/animals. However, I don’t recommend to break bricks with it.
  • Cheap. Thanks to the fact it’s a traditional stick, not a complicated stun gun with a flashlight, it’s cheaper than the competitors.

  • No automatic recovery. Some people say that it’s hard to close the stick after it’s expanded.


That’s actually all I wanted to say.

All the batons in this list are unique – thus, if you prefer something simple and cheap, you can buy the last item, CyberDyer tactical pen. It’s very easy-to-use such sticks, as well as the first one, produced by Fast Strike. However, the first stick is not made of aluminum so it’s much more like an entry-level for the beginners.

If you want to buy a good stun gun, there are three of them here – and all of them have their own features, their own pros and cons.

The same is for multifunctional tools – if you are like active tourism somewhere in the mountains, why not to buy one thing that will replace 5 or 6 other things? Who cares about the size if they are the equivalent for 6 important things?

I tried to make a list, which would be useful for all types of users. Tourists, those who prefer stun guns, average people who just need an expandable stick – all of them would find something here. Am I right?