Choose From the Best Duty Belts on the Market


So many duty belts are here, it is easy to lose head choosing which one would be the best to buy. Whether you want to purchase best nylon police duty belt or you are a big fan of leather belts – I did my best choosing among the numerous variants top-5 duty belts you will never be unhappy with.

The best Duty Belts:

PhotoProduct nameFeatureProsView on Amazon
1. 5.11 Tactical Sierra Bravo Duty Belt Kit5.11 Tactical Sierra Bravo Duty Belt KitHigh-tensile 1680D nylon

  • Durable

  • Great quality

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2. Bianchi Accumold 7200 Black Nylon Duty BeltBianchi Accumold 7200 Black Nylon Duty BeltBallistic weave fabric outer

  • Highly durable

  • Looks stylish

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3. Bianchi 7980 BSK Black Duty BeltBianchi 7980 BSK Black Duty BeltDuraskin exterior loop lining

  • Stylish look

  • Light material

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4. The Ultimate Concealed Carry CCW Leather Gun Belt The Ultimate Concealed Carry CCW Leather Gun Belt One piece of Full Grain 14 oz. American leather

  • No rolling over

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5. Pro Carry Leather Gun Belt - American Made - Sizes (28-48)Pro Carry Leather Gun Belt - American Made - Sizes (28-48)Can serve for your daily duty just fine

  • Durable

  • Highly resistant to weather

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This article’s goal is to compare five duty belts by the three parameters: material will define its look and durability. Integration stands for compatibility of a product with additional gear like gun holster, flashlight holder or handcuff case, as without them duty belt can’t be fully-featured.

The special features is for some additional pros you will get by buying a specific product.

So, let’s get started.

1. 5.11 Tactical Sierra Bravo Duty Belt Kit

To start with, I want to recommend you one of my favorite duty belt kits. I should admit, that this product doesn’t come with all the accessories you can imagine, however it is durable, made out of materials of great quality and looks great.


This duty belt is made 100% of extremely resilient, high-tensile 1680D nylon, which means that your chances to tear it are slim to none, however not in the close future. As I’m using the belt for year and a half, I can say it for sure – it is worth every penny. It is really easy to maintain, comfortable and highly durable.

Special features

Belt was delivered fast, and it is available in various sizes – it’s not hard to choose the suitable product just for you. The number of accessories in the kit is limited. However, in my opinion, by purchasing this you will get everything a great duty belt needs.

Not many accessories, so the chance of your equipment not fitting them is minor. On the other hand, not too few – you will get an inner belt and four keepers with hook-and-loop dual-retention closure.


Another great thing about this product is that it integrates great with both the 5.11 SlickStick System and MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment).

It means that you will have various options of available accessories to choose from, however you should order and pay for them separately. It is worth to admit, that they are also excellent, like this duty belt itself. Therefore, whether you want to enjoy the quality of the belt – consider buying additional items either.


2. Bianchi Accumold 7200 Black Nylon Duty Belt

Here goes Bianchi, another well-known manufacturer. It is highly durable, looks stylish, moreover – it won’t ever cause any back pain due to prolonged wearing. Another cool feature of it – you can purchase the product in several sizes, so be patient and choose it in order options.


It’s not your general nylon belt. The design of this one shows it up – the ballistic weave fabric outer in combination with the loop lining and a foam center really makes this product outstanding.

Two layers of closed-cell foam added for support complete the nice look of the belt. I must admit that it is not only good-looking, but also comfortable to wear. The buckle is super strong, not causing any trouble.

Special features

Bad news on this point – hardly any inclusions in this one. I wish there were some additional items in the package, would make this belt number one in my personal list.

Still it’s the great choice – as it was mentioned above, you are can choose a size for your Bianchi belt to suit you, moreover accurate numbers are presented. It varies from 40” (102 cm) to 46” (117 cm). Personally, I’m using 42” and find it comfortable to wear. Due to its design, you won’t feel any discomfort the whole shift wearing it.


Despite the fact there are no inclusions, you can find a great variety of Bianchi’s additional items, like handcuff cases, radio cases or magazine pouches, all of them perfectly integrate with the belt. The video gives an up close and personal view of the quality and materials used for the Bianchi Accumold 7200 Black Nylon Duty Belt:


3. Bianchi 7980 BSK Black Duty Belt

Next comes another Bianchi belt, which demonstrates the great quality of products by this company. Want to find belt, which will be comfortable to wear, and it will outstanding at the same time? Here what you’ve been searching for.


What makes this duty belt so special? Duraskin exterior loop lining not only grants that stylish look, but also makes it possible to use this product under the nasty weather conditions, like moisture.

The material is much lighter than almost any other belt I’ve been using. CopLok shatter-resistant plastic buckle is featured – and it’s really tough. The 3-point release of this belt provides extra security from inadvertent release, which is also a big advantage.

Special features

As with the previous product by Bianchi, this belt lacks some additional items, however it is still worth to buy.

Various size options available for you to offer, so you won’t have any problems fitting in. But keep in mind to choose the same size as of the pants you’re wearing – no need to buy bigger belt, as it more likely will be slightly bigger.

However, numerous attachments still can be applied to your belt for additional price. I also want to notice, that the delivery was fast and the product was nicely packaged.


A great variety of available additional items by Bianchi can be attached to this belt, for example flashlight holder or magazine pouch. I’m using Bianchi flashlight holder, and it’s really easy to handle. It fits just fine, feels stable – all of the above mentioned plus any other item by the brand works great with this belt.

Here is the video demonstrating how to setup a duty belt, I hope you will find it interesting to watch:


4. The Ultimate Concealed Carry CCW Leather Gun Belt

Whether you’re tired of nylon belts and looking for something more American here goes the product just for you. 100% leather belt manufactured in USA, created for nothing else that carrying a good old big chunk of steel on your hip.


The belt is handmade of one piece of Full Grain 14 oz. American leather – it smells like leather, it feels like leather and it will serve you long enough.

I’m using my Ultimate Concealed Carry Leather Gun Belt for one year, and as long as I’ve been wearing this belt, no rolling over, sagging, splitting or stretching of the material was detected – it looks like the product was bought just yesterday. However, I wish the leather used in this belt was double-layered.

Special features

These folks really believe in what they are selling to us. It is stated, that whether a client isn’t happy with the item – seller will replace it for absolutely no cost.

To be honest, haven’t tried it yet – but it sounds confident, moreover I’m totally pleased with the one they’ve sent me almost in no time after I ordered it.


This belt holds all my gear, like flashlight, gun and magazine pouches in stable position for entire day, not causing any discomfort. Relentless tactical flashlight holder and gun holster suits perfect for this belt, I enjoy using them.
The video clearly demonstrates the unboxing of the product:


5. Pro Carry Leather Gun Belt – American Made – Sizes (28-48)

Another leather belt, which can serve for your daily duty just fine. Enjoyed using this one, it is comfortable and easily carry a holster – what else should a worthy duty belt do? If you’re a fan of leather belts – think about buying this product, you won’t be disappointed.


Made out of 10-12 Oz American leather and this fact determined the durability of the product. Don’t be afraid, this belt won’t roll over or sag as you’ve been using it. Also, haven’t noticed any stretching of the material – it is still the same size as it was the day I’ve bought it. Belt is highly resistant to weather effects like humidity or intense sunlight.

All in all, after one year in use, it still looks good.

Special features

Client service is great, as the shipment was fast and provided on the highest level. The product is made in America, and I really trust native manufacturers, as the quality is in most cases much higher. Overall, it’s strong and sustainable belt for a gun holster.


It is a good leather gun belt which supports most of the holsters. However, it is a little too wide, so that some holsters may be not suitable for this belt; also it does not come in a 1 1/2″. So chose appropriate holster or holders for maximum comfort.

Pro-tech equipment works great with this duty belt. Here is a video for you demonstrating this belt with concealed waistband gun holster for glock added:


So, you have finished reading about the best duty belts on the market so far. Of course, this is not a complete list – but all of them were chosen among the others of the same price bracket, I tested all of them personally for a long time and these belts appeared to be the most viable options.

All we know, that daily duty can be exhausting not only for person itself, but also for equipment. Therefore, my main goal was to gather here those belts, which will serve you for long without causing any troubles.

As we know, the police officers uniformly use duty belts, so it is strongly recommended to read this article in case you would like to learn more about history of these belts, their composition and application.

Overall, choosing an appropriate duty belt just for you requires you to decide some points for more comfortable use:

  • decide, what material for the belt would suit better for your daily duty;
  • plan the set of additional items for your belt to make it fully-functional;
  • find out the size of your waist if you don’t know it exactly.

Performing those easy steps allows you make a decent step towards choosing the best duty belt for your purposes.
Whether you’re looking for a duty belt, it is also worth checking for shooting ear plugs.

Wearing ears protection is important, as in a result of a gunshot the hearing of yours can be badly damaged. Here are best ear protectors for shooting that helps you to stay safe in any circumstances.

In order to make your duty belt fully functional, one should set up it right. There are numerous accessories available for a duty belt on the market, you can get them for additional price and customize your belt. You can attach:

  • gun holster;
  • flashlight holder;
  • handcuffs stash;
  • magazine pouch;
  • glove holder;
  • radio pouch;
  • pepper spray pouch.

The following clip will demonstrate you how to make it right:

I hope that information was useful to you so that you can purchase the best duty belt, which will help you to carry your equipment with pleasure. Also, if you intend to buy tactical outfits, and you need a watch – here’s my review of the best watches for cops which are more practical and resistant compared to a usual watches.

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