8 Best hidden cameras of 2017 that are built in objects for daily use

If you need to watch your pets, children, elderly people or your employees while you are absent, one of the below-mentioned products will satisfy your requirements. Review top 8 in-built spy cameras.

Hidden cameras in objects like pens, clocks, or lamps are very common to use. Of, course, you will never know that you are recorded because spy cameras are very well-hidden. Such cameras are often used for household surveillance as well as commercially or industrially as security cameras.

Using a spy camera, you will increase your personal security, however, you should be careful when using such device, because there are legal aspects to it such as personal privacy of people who you want to watch.

Modern spy cameras are made very smartly. They are hidden in regular objects that take place in every single house of office. They provide a high-quality picture, record actions automatically with the help of motion detector function, offer excellent night vision up to 20 feet and even can be monitored through the special application that you can use on your phone or tablet. Find out more about spy cameras, see how they look and what options they offer.

Review and comparison of 8 best hidden cameras of 2017

1. Hidden Cameras Charger Adapter, EOVAS 1080P HD USB Wall Charger

This smart and small size spy camera is designed like a USB wall charger. The charger works for Android and other devices, except iPhone. The camera is well-hidden and is not visible to someone who sees your charger. It provides a continuous recording and does not let you miss any moment of activity. 32 G memory camera will automatically delete old files to write new information if you keep the device on. This camera starts functioning from motion detection and can write information up to 6 hours continuously. 1080 HD allows recording videos in a perfect quality.

Stand out features:

  • The charger is a perfect diversion item for a hidden camera
  • Included USB cable
  • 1080 quality
  • Small size
  • Portable
  • The video starts recording single detecting motion
  • Continues recording from 4 to 6 hours
  • Software Operating System: WinXP, Win2000, Windows Vista, Win7
  • Item dimensions: 4.1 x 3.1 x 2 inches
  • Weight: 0.2 ounces
Pros Cons
No batteries needed, operates after plugging in computer, laptop, or socket, built memory 32G. The camera does not record without being plugged in.


2. 720P Portable Hidden Spy Camera Book

Portable Hidden Spy Camera Book

The hidden tiny camera is built in this regular-look book and will unlikely be spotted even by a professional spy. A built in 1mm lens that match the book’s design can be placed on any book shelf or on a table. There is also built in battery that allows recording for up to 30 hours continuously. Even during the night time, the camera can record information up to 10 hours at distance up to 25 feet. The camera starts recording automatically if body motion is detected. Purchase 32 GB Micro SD card to record more information and keep files. You will also need to charge it fully for about 20 hours. NexGadget is a young brand but it offers a large production of wireless security cameras.

Stand out features:

  • Nice designed book with tiny lens that is not obvious
  • Night visual range up to 25 feet
  • The diversion safe for camera will suit any house or office interior
  • Performs even if electric power service interruption
  • Continuous recording time up to 30 hours
  • Item dimensions: 9 x 7 x 2 inches
  • Weight: 1 pounds
Pros Cons
30 hours recording, high quality, night vision recording. Memory card in not included.


3. AES Spy Cameras ACRHD 720p Alarm Clock Radio

AES Spy Cameras ACRHD 720p Alarm Clock Radio

A great finding designed as a clock and alarm will unlikely give a sign that there is a hidden camera inside. The clock comes with 16GB Micro SD Card but you can buy 32GB to store more information. Motion detect function allows automatically record action. When there is no enough space on the camera, it will recycle old files. The camera provides a high quality.

Stand out features:

  • 16GB Micro SD Card is included
  • The clock comes with TV out cable
  • Viewing angle approximately 70°
  • Great design that will fit in any interior
  • Motion detector starts recording video instantly
  • Item dimensions: 6.4 x 5.4 x 2 inches
  • Weight: 12.8 ounces
  • One-year warranty from the manufacturer
Pros Cons
Suitable design for house of office, perfect for interviews, included card, high-quality video. No.


4. FREDI 360°Wide Angle Fisheye WiFi IP Hidden Camera Bulb

360°Wide Angle Fisheye WiFi IP Hidden Camera Bulb

This smart lamp bulb with a hidden camera is a perfect finding if you need to record videos anonymously. It has got real lights. This is the best spy camera because it takes photos and records videos. Super wide view angles and high-quality picture allows you to see what is going on inside your flat, house, or office when you are absent. With the assistance of WiFi setup via iOS or Android smartphone or iPad using supplied application, you will have access to the camera on Smartphone remotely. Motion Detection send the signal to record video instantly. Such camera is perfect to watch pets, children, nurses, elderly persons, and employees.

Stand out features:

  • Availability to record and charge at the same time
  • 360° angle
  • Perfect picture
  • Photos and videos recorder
  • Motion detector
  • A special app allows using the camera through Android smartphone or iPad
  • Designed as a lamp bulb that will suit any room interior
  • One light bulb socket is included
Pros Cons
WiFi support, overlook angle, suitable for any room. No.

Watch a video review of this product and find out how to operate it through a mobile device


5. Next Gadget HD 720P Photo Frame Hidden Spy Camera

Next Gadget HD 720P Photo Frame Hidden Spy Camera

This beautiful frame can be an amazing spy tool for watching someone or something while you are absent. You can buy it as a home decoration and make sure that everything goes well when you are at work. A tiny lens is built in the frame and is invisible. The camera has a black LED which is perfect for night vision up to 25 feet. It can record information up to 30 hours during the day time and 10 hours at night. There more functions that this nice frame will offer you such as motion detection, mute, and loop recording. The device supports 32 G micro sd card.

Stand out features:

  • Real photo frame
  • Possible to operate manually but automatically activated when motion is detected
  • 75 degrees wide angle
  • Night vision up to 25 feet
  • Item dimensions: 9.6 inches, 7.7 inches, 0.5 inches
Pros Cons
Nice design, motion detection, the tiniest lens. No memory card is included.


6. FSTCOM Clothing Hook Spy Camera

This is one of the best cameras for house because it combined a great design that will fit in any interior, usability, and 1280 HD Premium Video. No one will ever spot that this clothes hook has a build in camera. It comes with a battery that you can recharge and notify you when it is fully charged. Notice that you will have to charge the camera before using it for the first time. The green indicator will stop flashing. The device supports only 16GB Micro SD Card. The camera provides a high-quality picture even when it is dark.

Stand out features:

  • Perfect combination of a useful clothes hook and spy camera
  • Discreet look
  • Easy to mount on any wall
  • Light weight
  • 1280 HD video
  • Excellent night vision
  • Included charge/usb cable
Pros Cons
Useful tool for house or office, excellent quality of video. No memory card comes with the camera.


7. 1080P P2P WiFi Wall Clock Hidden Spy Camera

1080P P2P WiFi Wall Clock Hidden Spy Camera

This smart purchase will help you to watch your pets, kids, or employees without the lens being noticed. It is designed as a regular clock but it has got a hidden camcorder camera. You will be able to download a special application and use the camera through your phone or tablet. WiFi will transmit a signal to your device, so you can start recording or watching a video. The camera has got motion detection function that will send you a signal and start recording action instantly. 1080 HD video provides a crystal-clear picture. Purchase a memory card up to 32G to store more files.

Stand out features:

  • Real working clock
  • Well-hidden camera
  • WiFi finction
  • With the help of a special APP, you can record and watch videos in real time on your device
  • 1080 HD video
Pros Cons
Smart designing solution, clear picture. WiFi that allows watching a video in real time on a phone or tablet. No memory card included, does not support night vision.


8. Spy Pen Recorder Hidden Camera

Spy Pen Recorder Hidden Camera

One of the smallest items that has got a camera will become your personal assistant everywhere you go. The mini recorder allows you taking pictures and recording videos at 1280 HD without any sound or light flashing. It is thin, lightweight, can be placed in the table, shelf, left in a car, or taking with you everywhere you go. This little tool is perfect for students and journalists, as well as people who need to find out what is going on inside their houses and offices during their absence. You do not need to buy a memory card because there is already built it 4 GB memory.

Stand out features:

  • Real working pen
  • Small size and light weight
  • 1280 HD quality
  • Visual angle: 65°
  • Affordable price
Pros Cons
One of the smallest spy cameras, low price, high-quality picture. Low memory only 4 GB.

Learn how a spy camera pen works in this video

Now you know more about hidden cameras, how they can look, and what benefits you get when using them. Compare prices and characteristics to choose one that matches your requirements.