Top 10 Best Locking Mailbox for Residential: Made from Aluminum or Galvanized Steel


As identity thefts are becoming more common nowadays, especially in urban areas, house owners select, buy and install large and secure residential mailboxes. This receptacle is to be large, made of solid metal, water resistant and weatherproof.

1. Mail Boss (Mail Manager) 7506 MailboxMail Boss 7506 Locking MailboxU.S. Post Master Approved14-gauge and 16-gauge galvanized welded steelSee Deal
2. Architectural Mailboxes Locking Parcel MailboxArchitectural Mailboxes 6200B-10 Locking Mailbox 16 gauge (1.5 mm) steel sheetFully powder coated to protect against corrosionSee Deal
3. Architectural Mailboxes Geneva MailboxArchitectural Mailboxes Geneva Locking MailboxUse Adapter Plate 7530-10 for 4x4 wood post installationHeavy gauge aluminum and galvanized steelSee Deal
4. Salsbury Industries Victorian MailboxSalsbury Industries 4460BLK Locking MailboxLoading - FrontFinish - Powder CoatedSee Deal
5. MailBoss Epoch 7106 Locking MailboxMailBoss Epoch 7106 Locking Mailbox12 disc wafer lockDurable power-coated finish
See Deal
6. MailBoss 7162 Metro MailboxMailBoss 7162 Metro Locking MailboxOutgoing mail clipAnti-pry latch locking mechanismSee Deal
7. Protex Drop BoxProtex WSS-159E Locking MailboxEasy to programFour bolts includedSee Deal
8. Special Lite Victoria Vertical MailboxSpecial Lite SVV-1013-BLK Locking MailboxTraditional Victorian StyleMaterial - Cast AluminumSee Deal
9. MailBoss 7425 Wall Mounted MailboxMailBoss 7425 Wall Mounted Locking MailboxKeys are far better than typicalHeavy duty, nice qualitySee Deal
10. Qualarc Parcel Chest Delivery BoxQualarc PCSDB-LG Locking MailboxMade of thick, heavy gauge galvanized steelEasy pushbutton lockSee Deal
A good, secure mailbox is to have a lot of storage room for letters, newspapers and magazines, being of sturdy construction. It is to come with a hard deadbolt lock and a large, angled drop chute.

According to Wikipedia, a mailbox or letterbox is a receptacle for incoming mail. It can be mounted to the wall, directly to the door or the building, near or at the street. They can be made or thick, reliable plastic or rustproof metal.

The residential mailboxes I review herewith are made of metal, galvanized steel or cast aluminum. They are wall-mounted or curbside, according to North-American standards. The mailboxes are designed for rural and urban communities.

Additionally, they come with really reliable locks to prevent identity thefts. The mailboxes stand out by design, color, water resistance properties and locking mechanisms. All of them are durable, attractive by design, reliable and very popular nowadays.

The best locking mailbox residential price is $100-$250. Your choice depends mainly on your needs, preferences and the mailbox design peculiarities. The budget also matters.

Here Are Top 10 Best Locking Mailbox Residential for 2018:

1. Mail Boss (Mail Manager) 7506 Mailbox


The mailbox is of curb side type.

It means that it is mounted on a short wooden pole near the house.

The box is easy to install, solid-built.

The product stands out from its counterparts by innovative design. The advanced baffle door helps to prevent fishing and prying. Thus, vandalism and identity thefts are eliminated. The mailbox is made of sold galvanized steel (14- or 16-gauge).

It is heavy-duty and USPS-approved (the USA Postal Service). Additionally, it is equipped with a reliable 12-disc wafer lock. 3 keys and a mail clip are available. The box can’t be opened with a crowbar.

Meanwhile, the mailbox is not waterproof. The magazines and letters get wet when it rains outdoors. It a significant drawback. Nevertheless, I recommend the product as the best secure mailbox, because it’s safe, durable, solid-built and reliable. It’s also quite affordable for the quality, and I appreciate it.

The mailbox is available in 4 attractive colors: black, white, granite and bronze.

Please, watch a video commercial online.


  • USPS approved;
  • durable;
  • strong and secure;
  • easy to install;
  • innovative design (baffle door);
  • anti-pry latch;
  • securely protected against vandalism;
  • 4 colors available.


  • not waterproof (mail gets wet);
  • not spacious enough for magazines;
  • common key jamming issues.

Product information:

  • dimensions: 21 * 10.8 * 11.2 in.;
  • weight: 23 pounds;
  • material: galvanized steel;
  • finish: powder-coated;
  • style: curbside;


2. Architectural Mailboxes Locking Parcel Mailbox


The mailbox is large, heavy-duty and easy-to install.

It is suitable to receive letters and small parcels up to 10 * 8 * 4 in.

The box can be installed on a pole, column or pilaster. The mounting hopes are pre-drilled.

The necessary assemble hardware that is hinges and rivets (made of stainless steel) and assemble screws (zinc plated) and 2 keys are included.

The box is solid-built, made of thick galvanized steel. The doors come with rubber seals that securely protect the mail from moisture and dirt. Thanks to the seal the mailbox is anti-corrosive.

Additionally, it is made of a single metal piece. Powder coated finish is also helpful.

However, the receiving slot is too large. So it enables fishing by a small hand and prying. The box is quite big and looks bulky.

Colors available: black, sand, white, pearl grey and bronze.

Please, watch a video commercial.

The Architectural Mailboxes Company was founded in 2000. It is certified as a woman-owned (WBE) business. It is based and conducts its operations in 4 locations that are in the USA, Great Britain and Canada.


  • durable;
  • long-life;
  • heavy-duty;
  • easy to install;
  • solid-built;
  • enough space for small parcels and mail bundles;
  • Postmaster General-approved;
  • weather (moisture) resistant and anti-corrosive;
  • 5 pretty colors available;
  • large receiving slot.


  • can be opened with a large crowbar;
  • enables fishing and prying,
  • looks boxy;
  • large deliveries can clog the hopper.

Product information:

  • dimensions: 11.5 * 18 * 14 in;
  • weight: 22 pounds;
  • rubber-sealed doors;
  • finish: powder coated;
  • affordable lockable-type product;
  • material: galvanized steel (16 and 18 gauge);


3. Architectural Mailboxes Geneva Mailbox


The mailbox looks completely different from the previous one.

Every model produced by Architectural Mailboxes Company is unique.

The product is beautiful be design.

It is heavy duty, made of thick steel and aluminum.

The door comes with rubber seals, so the box is weather-resistant. The surface is powder coated to eliminate corrosion. The mailbox is large enough to receive large parcels.

It is easy to install and looking great.

Assembly hardware (hinges, rivets and screws) and instructions are included. Installation hardware mounting bracket) is to be ordered additionally, if required. The box is available in black, white, sand and bronze colors.

Please, watch one of the video reviews that are available online.


  • elegant design and perfect, Swiss look;
  • heavy-duty;
  • secure and reliable;
  • large door and mail compartment;
  • 2 compartments available;
  • water proof;
  • indicator flag and concealed mail clip.


  • a mounting plate is required;
  • flimsy rear door;
  • can seem too large;
  • paint peels of in 2-3 years;
  • not suitable for business application;
  • too tight clip.

Product information:

  • dimensions: 15 * 17* 15 in.;
  • weight: 25.4 pounds;
  • the body material: 1.5 mm (16 gauge) galvanized steel;
  • the door and front panel material: 2.5 mm (12 gauge) cast aluminum;
  • finish: powder-coated.


4. Salsbury Industries Victorian Mailbox


The mailbox is of wall-mounted type.

It is easy to mount, durable, made of cast aluminum.

It comes with an adjustable stop to avoid excessive mail flap opening.

The surface is powder coated to prevent rust.

The mail flap comes with “LETTERS” wording. It is made by brass and stands out by great, traditional look. The lock is standard; 2 keys are included. A thumb latch (gold finish) can be ordered and delivered by request.

The mailbox is available in 4 amazing colors: black, white, beige and green.

Salsbury Industries Company was established in 1936. It is proud to be a leading manufacturer of mailboxes and lockers. It is ISO 9001:2008 certified and offers a wide selection of mailboxes that are designed for commercial and residential applications.

The company is California-based. So, the products are designed in the USA, being top-quality, but still very affordable. Some of them are of “budget” category. But the product I recommend is traditional, unique and beautiful. It is designed for private houses, being durable and lightweight.


  • USPS approved;
  • beautiful be design;
  • 4 fantastic color available;
  • durable;
  • lightweight;
  • easy to mount;
  • sturdy;
  • good quality for the price;
  • can be mounted to the door or to the wall;
  • secure;
  • affordable.


  • not wide enough;
  • too small for large envelopes and magazines;
  • cartoon-like decoration;
  • the slot is too large and fits a men’s hand.

Product information:

  • dimensions: 5.8 * 15.8 * 20 in;
  • weight: 15 pounds;
  • material: die cast aluminum;
  • type: surface (wall) mounted;
  • finish: powder coating.


5. MailBoss Epoch 7106 Locking Mailbox


The mailbox is large, heavy-duty and really secure.

It is curbside by the style, designed for installation on a pole or column near the house.

It is protected against identity thefts thanks to unique, patented anti-pry mechanism.

The lock comes with 12-wafer disc, guaranteeing complete security.

The case is made of thick galvanized steel that is powder-costed to eliminate rust. In general, it is very similar to the first, 7506 MailBoss product. It is stronger, more durable and larger. So, it’s more expensive.

The mailbox is waterproof. It comes with a mounting plate and a vandal resistant flag, being easy to install and use. It is impossible to steal mail from the box, even using a crow bar.

It is really secure, preventing fishing and prying.

The mailbox is available in 4 colors: black, white, bronze and granite). Reflective numbers, 3 keys, assemble and installation hardware (hinges, 4 lag bolts, a drill bit) are included. So, I think, it’s the best locking mailbox for residential applications, and I highly recommend the product.

Please, watch a video review.


  • USPS-approved;
  • easy-to-install;
  • durable;
  • functional;
  • secure;
  • sturdy;
  • 4 colors to choose from;
  • sufficient storage for the mail;
  • large-capacity;
  • water resistant.


  • too narrow mail slot;
  • heavy;
  • a bit pricey.
  • too big for residential application.

Product information:

  • dimensions: 21 * 11.2 * 13.8 in;
  • weight: 40 pounds;
  • style/type: curbside;
  • material: galvanized steel (12 and 14 gauge);
  • finish: powder-coated;
  • anti-pry latch;
  • 12-wafer disc lock;
  • patented mounting plate (Fast-Trak);


6. MailBoss 7162 Metro Mailbox


The mailbox is very similar to the other MailBoss products that were reviewed herewith.

It is made of the same galvanized steel material that is powder-coated and comes with the same innovative and unique locking mechanisms.

Meanwhile, it belongs to wall mount type.

Therefore, it’s narrow and modern by design. The mailbox is lightweight, secure and moisture-proof. It is large capacity and durable. The mailbox comes with mounting bracket for easy installation. 3 keys, reflective numbers, a drill bit and 4 lag bolts are included.

The Metro model is available in 5 colors: Galaxy (item number 7160), Granite (7161), Black (7162), White (7163) and Bronze (7164).

Please, watch an installation video.


  • contemporary design;
  • high-security;
  • safe;
  • convenient;
  • well-built;
  • lightweight;
  • weather resistant;
  • easy to install;
  • 5 pretty colors available.


  • narrow mail slot;
  • plastic flag;
  • common mounting hardware issues.

Product information:

  • dimensions: 7.2 * 15.4 * 14.8 ounces;
  • weight: 18.4 pounds;
  • material: electrogalvanized steel (14 and 16 gauge);
  • finish: powder-coated;
  • anti-pry latch;


7. Protex Drop Box


The product is entirely different from the other ones.

It looks and serves like a safe.

The drop box comes with an electronic lock that is battery operated.

1-9-digit code is necessary to program it. The box is mounted on the house entrance door from the inside. It is designed to keep cash, keys, and letters safe. The drop box is not as large as mailboxes, but it can accommodate small envelopes.
The box is durable and strong, made of thick metal. It is safe, protected against fishing. The drop box is designed for indoor application. So, water and weather resistance is not required.

4 bolts and other mounting hardware, but for screws are included. The drop box is available only in white.
Please, find more information about the drop box and check how it looks, watching the video.


  • attractive design;
  • affordable;
  • versatile;
  • easy to program and use;
  • top-quality;
  • durable;
  • suitable for restaurants and businesses.


  • not suitable for storing jewelry;
  • rectangular holes are to be made in the door;
  • difficult to mount;
  • screws are not included;
  • too small for legal size envelopes.

Product information:

  • dimension: 10 * 15* 4.25 in.;
  • weight: 16 pounds;
  • material: steel;
  • batteries type: AAA, 3 pcs.;
  • color: white.


8. Special Lite Victoria Vertical Mailbox


The mailbox is designed for wall-mount installation.

It looks decorative and compact, being lightweight and durable.

Meanwhile, it is marketed as the box that is big enough for envelopes and magazines.

It is equipped with a newspaper scroll and a rain overhang. The box surface is powder coated to eliminate rust. Additionally, the mailbox is maintenance-free, easy-to-use.

It is available in 3 colors that are fade resistant: black, bronze and copper.


  • decorative and stylish;
  • compact and lightweight;
  • rust-proof;
  • large enough for magazines and small packages;
  • durable;
  • heavy-duty;
  • elegant.


  • the hooks are not pre-installed;
  • no clip for outgoing mail;
  • the box is to be screwed to the wall.

Product information:

  • dimension: 4 * 13* 17.5 in.;
  • weight: 7 pounds;
  • material: cast aluminum;
  • finish: powder coated;


9. MailBoss 7425 Wall Mounted Mailbox


The mailbox is wall mounted.

It is marketed as a budget model that is suitable for offices, schools, restaurants, rental facilities and manufacturing plants.

That’s why, the mailbox is plain and simple by design.

However, it’s durable, secure and reliable.

It can be installed outdoors, but it’s not waterproof. It can be also used as a drop box that is able to accommodate keys, checks, money, etc.

The mailbox is made of the same materials and comes with the same mechanisms as other perfect and secure MailBoss products.

Additionally, it is equipped with an innovative delivery bin to prevent fishing. The hinges installation hardware (drill and driver bits, 4 screws and 4 washers) are included.

The colors available are: white (the item number 7410), black (7412), galaxy (7413), granite (7415), bronze (7418), tan (7419), pink (7421), green (7422), yellow (7423) blue (7424), orange (7425), red (7426).

A video review and an installation guide are also provided for your information.


  • versatile;
  • affordable;
  • durable;
  • secure;
  • robust;
  • simple and plain;
  • big enough for large envelops and magazines;
  • suitable for businesses, restaurants and schools;
  • easy-to-install.


  • not waterproof;
  • it’s hard to insert large envelopes to the box;
  • has to be checked every day.

Product information:

  • dimensions: 11.2 * 4.7 * 16.2 in.;
  • weight: 12.1 pounds;
  • material: galvanized steel (16 gauge);
  • finish: powder coated;
  • anti-pray latch;
  • 12-wafer disc lock;
  • 12 bright and unshowy colors available.


10. Qualarc Parcel Chest Delivery Box


The delivery box is really large.

It can accommodate even large parcels.

It is designed for ground installation.

The box is very simple and easy-to-use. It comes with a pushbutton lock. Just leave the door closed, but not locked and the postman will place the parcel inside and lock the delivery box.

The product is weatherproof, sealed against moisture. It is made of thick galvanized steel. The box is available only in grey. But another, medium-sized, wall mount model is available (12 * 12.5 * 20.5 in).


  • large;
  • waterproof;
  • secure;
  • simple;
  • sturdy;
  • well-constructed;
  • durable;
  • good lock set;
  • easy to install.


  • high price;
  • too short installation instructions.

Product information:

  • dimensions: 22 * 17 * 24.5 in.;
  • weight: 45 pounds;
  • material: galvanized steel;
  • finish: textured;
  • color: grey;
  • shape: square;


Thus, I have reviewed 10 best mailbox products that are designed for the residential applications. They are different by style, design, size and properties. Some of the are curbside, the others are wall mount.

The mailboxes are to be installed outdoors or indoors. They are made of steel or aluminum.

Most of the products are suitable for keeping mail safe. Several of them can accommodate keys, cash and checks. One product even comes with an electronic lock.

Meanwhile, all products I recommend are secure, Anti-theft, reliable and durable.

They are made of strong metal that is powder coated to avoid rust. Additionally, the mailboxes are very popular nowadays and quite affordable.

So, to select the best locking mailbox residential, consider its application, installation type, capacity and design.

Think carefully, if you need the box to be decorative or simple, large or small. Take into account, if you receive parcels, collect the mail every day or less frequently.

To get additional information, please, read information on manufacturers website. Also, if you want to protect your home, consider to buy the best wireless alarm systems.