10 Best Peephole Cameras: A Complete Guide & Review

best peephole camera
best peephole camera

Imagine, that you can see who is standing at your door while sitting in a chair. Oh yes, nowadays devices give you an opportunity to connect a peephole to your smartphone or tablet. I’m talking about tiny invisible cameras, and this is just a beginning.

Remember how irritated you become when meeting those door-to-door salesmen, who offer the goods you don’t need or when bothered by Mrs.

PhotoProduct nameFeatureProsMore info
1. VEIU Mini by Eques1. VEIU Mini by EquesWorks on rechargeable battery

  • reliability and simplicity in control

  • easy to install

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2. Brinno Peephole Camera2. Brinno Peephole CameraThe device provides quite sharp and clear image

  • camouflaged

  • Wi Fi

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3. Funxwe Smart Peephole Camera3. Funxwe Smart Peephole Camera2.0 megapixels camera providing 1080P resolution

  • 130° wide angle view

  • work with iPhone/iPad or Android device

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4. Eques VEIU Peephole Viewer4. Eques VEIU Peephole ViewerProvides high-quality image

  • doesn‘t need connection to home electricity

  • easy to install

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5. Greeter Digital Door Viewer & Doorbell5. Greeter Digital Door Viewer & Doorbelllens have a 165° outside view

  • has all the necessary features

  • can be easily installed

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6. Blink Home Security Camera System6. Blink Home Security Camera SystemHigh-quality image and supports 720p HD resolution

  • affordable price

  • clear and sharp image

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7. Brinno SHC500K Smart Home Peephole Camera7. Brinno SHC500K Smart Home Peephole CameraClear image on 2.7-inch TFT display

  • modern design

  • modern features

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8. Wifi Video Doorbell by Satisure8. Wifi Video Doorbell by Satisure720p HD resolution and wide-angle view

  • cool multi-functional design

  • 2-way communication without any noise

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9. Door Peephole Camera by 3rd Eye9. Door Peephole Camera by 3rd Eyea high-quality image with 720p resolution

  • very easy in installation

  • made from durable materials

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10. Uniden U-Bell WiFi Video Doorbell10. Uniden U-Bell WiFi Video DoorbellU-Bell camera works only through 2.4GHz network

  • night vision function

  • different colors faceplates

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Campbell, whose nose is so big that can smell your new friend’s perfume or carrots in your garbage.

Modern peephole cameras allow you not only to record a video of the in-front-of-the-door area but also to get a high-quality image of an unknown, suspicious or annoying people before they come in.

Although the door peephole camera is considered to be a simple digital device, it can be a very useful equipment, which solves several tasks at once.

First of all, it easily replaces standard-sized peepholes in front doors and doesn’t require much effort during installation.

Second, it provides a great high-quality image with up to 1080p resolution (you can review it even on LCD display).

Third, most of the modern devices provide an ability to take pictures and record a video.

And, finally, some manufacturers tend to implement such helpful functionality as motion detection, night vision, speaking to visitors through the app on the smartphone, etc.

Below I made a review of the ten best door peephole cameras with Wi Fi feature. Here you may find full descriptions of each item and compare their features. After that, it would be easy to decide what to choose.

Our List of Top-rated Peephole Cameras:

1. VEIU Mini by Eques

This device is made by the manufacturer, that specializes in security products. And I would highly recommend this model for those who prefer reliability and simplicity in control. It can be installed in a few minutes and no doorbell required.

Veiu Mini works on rechargeable battery, so you don’t have to worry about reserving additional power supplement. The fully charged battery can work up to thirty days with no rest.

Battery-powered security cameras are becoming more and more popular these days, so this is cutting edge.


This Eques model is supplied with the good lens, which is responsible for good VGA resolution.

120° wide-angle lens allows observing everything in front of your house (not only the objects that are located directly). It also supports night vision – no matters is it day or night time, you will get a clear picture anyway.


Veiu Mini is able to detect a motion in front of the door and send alerts to your smartphone/tablet. You can set making a snapshot or start video record after an activity is detected.

As for night vision, it is switched on automatically once darkness comes. For storing video records and snapshots 2GB internal memory is offered. Additionally, it can be expanded to 32 GB (by MicroSD card).


Control is provided by buttons on 2.8-inch LCD display or via a mobile app. In both cases, you can see who comes, change settings, and talk to visitors. An app can be downloaded from App Store or Google Play.

It is available for free both for iOS and Android devices. There are also no monthly or yearly subscriptions.

Once installed, an app can be used permanently without any payment. You can connect to the camera from anywhere and watch live video, – a network connection is all that you need.


2. Brinno Peephole Camera

If you are looking for an invisible and camouflaged Wi Fi door peephole camera this Brinno SHC1000 model would be a perfect choice. It features easy 5 mins DIY installation and prevents its stealing by thefts.


The device provides quite sharp and clear image, which can be reviewed on the LCD display (large built-in 2.7″ LCD-screen also comes in a box).

Time and date stamps are added automatically to every record so you can easily identify when someone was at your door.

What is more important, you will be able to see the visitors not only at the doorsill, but even up to 30 feet away from the entrance.


Brinno camera is supplied with motion and knocking detectors so you can be sure that recording is started right after someone just shows his nose in front of the peephole.

All the recorded files are stored on a micro SD card (a manufacturer allows expanding the storage up to 32 GB).


You can easily review all the recorded images by clicking on a button. LCD display is connected to the peephole camera by wireless technology. It means you can place it wherever you want. Unfortunately, this model doesn’t support iOS/Android synchronization.


3. Funxwe Smart Peephole Camera

This is definitely one of the best peephole Wi Fi cameras for the price. Despite, this Funxwe model is quite affordable, it has all the necessary modern features, including work with iPhone/iPad or Android device. It can be also easily mounted into the door eye.


Camera characteristics are not very impressive, however, they are pretty good if you appreciate comfort and reliability in digital gadgets. Here we have 2.0 megapixels camera providing 1080P resolution, and 130° wide angle view.


With the help of the app, installed on your Android or iOS smartphone/tablet, you can get live video and talk to the visitors even if you are not at home.

You can also take picture snapshots. Unfortunately, the manufacturer didn’t implement video record feature. Instead, there are motion sensors and night vision function.


The image is transferred to 3.7-inch LCD TFT touch screen (display has HVGA 640×480 parameters). The display is supplied with a microphone and a speaker.

Alternatively, you can check who is at the door and arrange a videocall through the app on your mobile device.


4. Eques VEIU Peephole Viewer

Like most of the modern cameras, this smart peephole viewer doesn’t need a doorbell or connection to home electricity. It can be installed even by your ant without any special instruments.


One more VEIU model, that provides high-quality image. Recognize friendly faces or see suspicious visitors in details with 720p resolution. You may also observe a large area in front of your house through 180° wide-angle lens.

So even those people who walk around near your house or want to hide in the hall, won’t be unnoticed.


This stylish peephole viewer offers you a good outside observation not only in the daytime, but also at night. However, night vision feature is not the one that can impress (it is standard in most similar devices).

SO what about motion sensors, which can send you an alert, take a snapshot or start a video recording when someone appeared at the door? Additionally, take into account two-way audio, 2 GB of internal memory (can be expanded), and batteries, which can work up to two months before next charge.


A control can be made via 5-inch LCD display, which you may mount on the wall or just keep on the table.

On the other side, you are allowed to download an app without any monthly or yearly subscription and watch live video, talk to the visitors, capture pictures or videos using Android or iOS phone or tablet.


5. Greeter Digital Door Viewer & Doorbell

Meet one of the most affordable peephole cameras on the market. But don’t push it to the weak team.

This pretty device has all the necessary features for your safety and comfort. It can be easily installed in your metal or wooden door (not suitable for a glass door).


Well, Greeter’s VGA resolution can’ be determined as super high-quality, however, it provides a rather clear image.

You will be able to recognize the shape of the nose and the color of the hair of the guests who come to your apartment or house.

The manufacturer supplied the device with the wide-angle lens and it gives you an opportunity to have a 165° outside view.


This model has a special button for the ringing outside, so you won’t need a separate doorbell anymore. It also comes with a night vision function, which is great for security. Snapshot and video capture features are also included.

You can store the records on a built-in memory card or expand it if needed with a microSD. Unfortunately, this device doesn’t have motion sensors.


This Greeter viewer by Eques doesn’t work through mobile apps.

All the settings and communication can be made via 2.8-inch LCD display, which is normally mounted inside, somewhere on the wall near the entrance door. It has five simple buttons so even your granny will understand how it works.


6. Blink Home Security Camera System

Blink Security Camera System is on of the best peephole viewers you can get for an affordable price. Besides standard features, you get an ability to open a menu, start a recording or talking to the visitors without clicking on buttons! Read below and you discover how.


The device delivers a high-quality image and supports 720p HD resolution. You can review live video or records at any time on your iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone. Well made lens exclude blurring or distortion so you get a clear and sharp image.


This Blink model comes not only with motion but also with temperature sensors.

When someone approaches your entrance door, the camera sends an alert to your mobile device, makes a snapshot and uploads it to the cloud. Oh yes, with this item you receive a free cloud storage without monthly fees.


You can get the total control of the device at your fingertips using a smartphone or tablet. But what is more interesting, you can control the Blink camera by your voice.

It is synchronized with the Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, and Amazon Tap, which are included in Amazon Alexa assistant.


7. Brinno SHC500K Smart Home Peephole Camera

Brinno SHC500K model would be a great solution for those who became tired of using outdated old-fashioned door eyeholes.

It can easily replace (no tools or wiring required) your old stuff and fit in standard peephole space, providing you not only with modern design but also with modern features.


The device is supplied with the 0.3-megapixel camera, which can be defined so far as “not the perfect”. However, it is pretty enough to get a clear image on 2.7-inch TFT display.

Additionally, Brinno SHC500K comes with great optical lens and offers an outside angle view up to 90 degrees.


Unfortunately, this Brinno model isn’t supplied with motion detection. However, it has knocking sensor, so anytime when someone comes to your house, office or apartment, a trigger will be activated and alerts will be sent.

You can also configure automated snapshots and video captures, and review visitor logs.


All control is operated via 2.7-inch LCD screen, where you can find control buttons. This screen can be mounted inside near the entrance door.

No drilling required, it is absolutely wire free. You will need four AA batteries to keep a door peephole camera working (on average, they make around 3000 triggers before being replaced).


8. Wifi Video Doorbell by Satisure

You can be confused by its price, because this video doorbell offers so excellent functions, that I would definitely pay more. And add to that cool multi-functional design. Oh yes, it is a perfect choice for the money.


An image, made by Satisure video doorbell, is good and clear. 720p HD resolution and wide-angle view allow defining faces even if they are not directly in front of the eyehole.

A device sends the image to the tablet, smartphone or laptop (iOS, Android, and Windows are supported), where you can watch live streaming video or review previously captured records.


First of all, let me say that this device is weatherproof. It has an IP5 level of water resistance and can stand raining and snowing. It is also supplied with night vision feature (infra-red indicator can be switched on the device).

Speaker and microphone provide 2-way communication without any noise. Another feature is a motion sensor, which detects any activity at the door.

Additionally, in case if someone comes to your door and stands there 10 seconds or more, and doesn’t ring, a snapshot is made automatically, an alert is sent to your mobile device.


Satisure video doorbell sets up Wi-Fi connection and synchronizes with your mobile device or laptop through the app (an app can be downloaded free, you just have to follow the instructions).

A possibility to see who comes to your house on your mobile device, watch records and receive the alerts, is very important, if you care about security and confidence.


9. Door Peephole Camera by 3rd Eye

This front door peephole camera has 13.8mm size, which is the same as standard eyehole has. In addition, it looks like good old peephole, so your guests won’t even know that you can see them on your device, take pictures and record videos.


This old-style camera gives a high-quality image with 720p resolution. It has thin-sized CCTV camera with 008 lux rate, which provides clear view even under blear light and very low illumination.

The device also supports infra-red light and works great at night time.


This 3rd eye model is very easy in installation and use. It is also made from durable materials and has low power consumption.

It is one of the most reliable and easy-in-use cameras on the market. Add to this its old-fashioned design and you get a perfect gift for your grandma or aunt.


This model is not wire free. You will need to connect the camera to your TV, DVR or PC using BNC cable. Unfortunately, snapshots and video recording is not available, this device is mostly for getting an improved image on the bigger monitor.


10. Uniden U-Bell WiFi Video Doorbell

If you believe that home security is very important and you should be aware of everything that happens in front of your entrance door, this video doorbell is exactly what you are looking for.


With 1080p HD resolution you will get a clear and sharp image, which can be reviewed even on a big LCD monitor.

It provides 180-degree scope so you will be able to see all your relatives or friends coming all together. You will also recognize strangers or suspicious people hanging around.


The motion sensor is not a surprising feature, right? And night vision function isn’t either.

But would you believe if I say that this camera is able to give you a clear image of a person standing in up to fifteen-foot distance in the night time?

Try and you’ll see! Another feature is in related to design – you will get four different colors faceplates (along with screws, wrench, and cables).


This device works on wired power, you wouldn’t need any batteries. But will need to mount a cable and resistor.

After downloading the Uniden app on your iOS or Android phone/tablet you will have to create an account and complete the registration process.

Uniden app will give you an opportunity to receive alerts, activated by the motion sensor, watch the live streaming video and talk to your visitors even if you are not at home at the moment.

And remember, this U-Bell camera works only through a 2.4GHz network so check your Wi-Fi router parameters before installation.

I believe this door peephole cameras review has answered your questions regarding the most popular devices on the market and assisted in choosing the best product for your home.

Here I included the best items for an affordable price featuring the most necessary functions.

All you need to decide now is what is really important for you: wide-angle view, super clear image, sensitive motion sensors, total control via mobile app or specific design? Look above and choose the best of its kind.

Outdoor wireless security cameras and wireless peephole cameras are created for those people who want to see clearly any visitor coming to their house or apartment but don’t appreciate mounting big security visible cameras outside.

In most cases, customers can set up the cameras by themselves. Usually, it takes around 10 minutes. They easily fit in normal peepholes, which are already built indoors. Alternatively, you can drill a new hole.

These little devices are normally supplied with rechargeable batteries, a special lens, a speaker, and a microphone. As options, you may find a motion detector, infrared lights, and wireless connection feature.

There are two ways how you can observe what is going on at your door: on the separate display, which is placed somewhere on the wall, or on the smartphone/tablet display.

The second variant means you need to install an app from AppStore or Google Play.

With the help of the app, it is possible not only to get an image, make screenshots and video captures but also to receive alerts, which inform about new visitors even you are not at home.

Moreover, you can also talk to them (in case 2-way audio intercom functionality is active).