Cheap sniper drag bag that is designed for enclosing the rifle in 2018

According to Wikipedia, any sniper rifle needs multiple accessories, such as a bipod, a scope, a drug bag. They considerably determine the features that make the critical difference between a sniper and any other rifle.
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1. MidwayUSA Sniper Drag Bag Tactical Rifle Case1. MidwayUSA Sniper Drag Bag Tactical Rifle CaseA lot of pockets and compartments

  • ergonomic design

  • top-quality

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2. MidwayUSA Multicam Sniper Drag Bag2. MidwayUSA Multicam Sniper Drag BagFade-resistant

  • heavy-duty

  • lightweight

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3. VISM Riffle Case (by NcStar)3. VISM Riffle Case (by NcStar)Pretty long for any rifle

  • PVC coating

  • strong stitching

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4. VISM by NcStar Double Carbine Case4. VISM by NcStar Double Carbine CaseAdequate padding

  • top-quality

  • heavy duty

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5. Voodoo Tactical Weapons Case5. Voodoo Tactical Weapons CasePaddled handles and central divider

  • strong, waterproof material

  • removable external pockets

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6. Case Club Waterproof Case6. Case Club Waterproof CaseBuilt-in locks

  • waterproof material

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7. Case Club Pre-Made Waterproof Gun Case7. Case Club Pre-Made Waterproof Gun CaseCustomizable

  • top-quality

  • heavy duty

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8. Pelican 1510 Case With Foam (Black)8. Pelican 1510 Case With Foam (Black)Carry-on size for flights

  • heavy and sturdy

  • well-padded

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A drag bag is a rifle case that is designed for enclosing, safekeeping and carrying a sniper weapon system. The cases are commonly made of canvas that is covered with a special garnish. It should be similar to the sniper’s ghillie suit.

Other materials such as nylon, leather, plain and oiled cotton, foam are used for the rifle cases production. The cases made of steel are also available. But I’ll highlight only lightweight, soft cases as I think that they are the best to enclose the guns or rifles.

The drag bags are essential for protecting your valuable rifle from scratches, bumps, damages and external elements. The cases are commonly unbreakable. But they are also waterproof and water resistant, protecting the gear from moisture and precipitations (rain and snow).

The camouflage depends on the season and the snipers’ team environment. For example, the color may be selected for blending in with snow, desert, urban or jungle areas. The changes in vegetation and terrain are to be considered for the efficient mission.

The best sniper drug bag is durable, reliable and lightweight. It is made of rugged pack cloth or heavy-duty nylon. Additionally, as the rifles are transported being dissembled, multiple pockets are essential.

The cases that incorporate the special compartments for the scope or optics, bolt, barrel, trigger guard and the stock assembly itself are beneficial and practical. Most drag bags are versatile; they are available in several sizes and various colors for dissimilar environments and applications.

A good, reliable and top-quality rifle case costs from $50 to $ 140. The price depends on durability, type of use, functionality and design. So, I’ll highlight 5 drag bags that are the most convenient, lightweight and popular. They seem the best to me, so I would recommend them to any sniper, hunter or military officer.

Here’s the best sniper drag bag and shotgun case list:


1. MidwayUSA Sniper Drag Bag

MidwayUSA is an old and well-reputed company.

It has been in existence since 1977, growing fast, working hard to satisfy various customers’ needs.

It has gotyen multiple national and Missouri quality awards.

Nowadays the company is ISO 9001 certified; the employees are trained and responsible.

MidwayUSA offers a lot of rifle case products that are designed for heavy duty shooting. Thus, the suitable model selection task is really challenging.

It is lightweight, perfectly balanced and reinforced. So, I think, the product is the best drag bag for competition.

A video review is available on the same page. It is provided by the MidwayUSA company, so, I guess, it’s very credible and trustful.

Thus, the case is perfect. It is constructed of super tough and lightweight denier PVC (polyester coated). The material is highly durable, and abrasion resistant, that is important for reliable rifle protection and enclosing.

The product features heavy-duty zippers, reinforced stitching and cell foam padding to enlarge the lifetime of the cherished gear. Additionally, they are lightweight and convenient that can be critical for harsh environments and challenging operations.

Additionally, the handles are convenient and balanced, ensuring stability and easy carrying. Heavy-duty, adjustable, removable backpack straps are included for the sniper’s comfort.

A complete, padded divider is available, making it possible to carry 2 guns, their parts and accessories in the same camouflage bag. A nose guard is added for security reasons. It is tethered to keep grass and sticks out of the case.

The case is available in four plain colors (black, charcoal, olive and coyote).

3 sizes are offered to select from (42, 50 and 56”).


  • top-quality;
  • ergonomic design;
  • a lot of pockets and compartments.

  • the case could be a bit longer;
  • not the most affordable price.

Product information:

  • weight: 7 pounds;
  • length: 42”, 50” or 56”;
  • material: PVC coated polyester;
  • balanced design;
  • reinforced stitching;
  • cell foam padding (in the pockets);
  • one internal pocket (12” * 2” * 5”);
  • nose guard;
  • heavy-duty zippers;
  • 3 external pockets.



2. MidwayUSA Multicam Sniper Drag Bag

The product is analogous with the previous, MidwayUSA-brand one.

It is described within the same product page.

The only slight difference is in tht material which is 600 denier polyester that is tough and abrasion resistant.

Meanwhile, it’s even more lightweight than the first case and its price is much higher.
The only camouflage pattern is available, the only size (50”).


  • top-quality;
  • heavy-duty;
  • lightweight;
  • rugged surface;
  • fade-resistant;
  • ergonomic design;
  • a lot of pockets and compartments.

  • some back pack straps issues;
  • excessive price.

Product information

  • weight: 5 pounds;
  • internal length: 50”;
  • internal height: 11”;
  • internal width: 2”;
  • material: 600 D, PVC coated polyester;
  • balanced design;
  • reinforced stitching;
  • cell foam padding (in the pockets);
  • one internal pocket (12” * 2” * 5”);
  • nose guard;
  • heavy-duty zippers;
  • 3 external pockets.



3. VISM Riffle Case (by NcStar)

NcStar Company provides top-quality products since 1997.

Its subdivision is called VISM works since 2010, implementing innovations and adding multiple high-end features to their perfect products.

The company offers multiple scopes, pouches, cases and bags.

So, when I found 57 similar cases, I was really puzzled.

However, having sorted them by colors and sizes, I realize that the item is great, because it’s big enough for any shooting equipment and accessories.

It is suitable for most popular guns and rifles, being appropriate for sports, hunting, and military applications. It offers some comfort for a travelling sniper, making shooting from the forest floor quite bearable.

Therefore, I think, it’s the best sniper rifle case and shooting pad, especially for the money.

The first impression about a lack of pockets and straps is wrong.

Several feature-rich pockets are inside; reinforced shoulder and back pack straps are available. They make the mat weight manageable. S, the case is easy to carry and affordable.

The bag is MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load – for carrying Equipment) webbing sewn. It is available on one side to enable equipment fastening.

Additionally, the product can be used as a shooter’s mat that is extremely convenient and practical.

A video review is available online, as well:

The drag bag is available in 4 colors: black, green, camo and tan.


  • heavy duty mat;
  • PVC coating;
  • strong stitching;
  • thickly padded case;
  • pretty long for any rifle.

  • plastic clips (buckles);
  • common zippers issues;
  • lack of pockets for long barrels;
  • not weather proof (absorbs water).

Product information:

  • weight: 6.2 pounds;
  • dimensions: 48*11*2.5 in.;
  • shooter’s mat dimensions: 66” * 35”;
  • material: heavy duty PVC;
  • padded panels;
  • heavy duty zippers;
  • elastic bands for 30 cartridges;
  • 2 internal compartments (9” *7-½”);
  • external PAL webbing;
  • 1 cleaning rod compartment;
  • 1 compartment for Ballistics chart/ID cart (5-1/4” *9”) – plastic windowed;
  • compression and shoulder straps are available.



4. VISM by NcStar Double Carbine Case

This product is of the same brand that the previous one.

So, it’s definitely very similar.

The model provides enough place for 2 carbine sized rifles.

It is available is 4 lengths: 36, 42, 46 and 55” and 7 colors: black, blue, camo, green, grey, woodland camo and tan.

The first details that catch the eye are three exterior pockets (or pouches) They are big enough for several magazines, ammo and other accessories.

The Velcro shoulder straps are pretty adjustable, using the buckles (clips).

Extra PAL looping that is available on every pouch helps you to customize the case. The product is convenient and lightweight. It provides a lot of storage for all available stuff. I think it’s the best drag bag for improvised and long-term missions.


  • affordable price;
  • top-quality;
  • heavy duty;
  • adjustable;
  • good stitching;
  • adequate padding.

  • not too comfortable shoulder padding;
  • not durable enough for 2 heavy rifles.

Product information:

  • material: 500 D heavy duty PVC;
  • accommodates 2 riffles;
  • thick padded divider;
  • 4 straps (hook and loop fastened);
  • 3 large exterior pockets;
  • compression straps;
  • wrap around, carry handle straps;
  • multiple interior pockets.



5. Voodoo Tactical Weapons Case

I recommend this product because it ensures real comfort for the shooter.

The handles, the pockets and the case itself (all 6 sides) are padded.

That’s why the drag bag protects the rifles from the elements, damages and moisture.

The case provides enough storage for 2 long rifles.

The pouches are quite big for pistols, magazines, ammo and accessories. Outside PAL webbing is thick and reliable as there are 5 layers. Adjustable tie downs are available to secure the sensitive optics from any risks.

Therefore, I think, it’s the best tactical operations large drag bag, that is lightweight, convenient, and suitable to securely protect your cherished rifles from any damages and elements.

The zippers are strong and reliable enough for law enforcement and military applications. It is really durable, convenient and reliable, appropriate for long-distance missions.

The video that is available online is quite informative and helpful for making a decision.

The case is available in 3 sizes: 36”, 42” and 46” and 7 colors: black, pink, purple, olive drab, coyote woodland camo, multicam and army digital.
Meanwhile, the lady’s pink and purple models seem to be suitable only for paintball game applications. Their camouflage capabilities are very poor.


  • good storage capacity;
  • strong, waterproof material;
  • removable external pockets;
  • paddled handles and central divider.

  • not heat resistant interior;
  • high price.

Product information:

  • weight: 5 pounds;
  • material: rugged polyester;
  • 3 external pouches;
  • backpack and shoulder straps;
  • capacity: holds 2 guns and 2 pistols.



6. Case Club Pre-Made Sporting & Hunting Shotgun Waterproof Case

This case will meet your expectations. It will keep your valuable firearm protected from getting wet.

It also has everything you need in a tactical shotgun case: a lot of space for any sporting or hunting shotgun, durable waterproof material and accessory box.

It provides a lot of storage for all your gun accessories.

Many locks protect against accidental opening of the case. It is also good for securing if you have small children.

Case is airline approved, so its latches and locks can withstand mishandling without danger of breakage.


  • waterproof material;
  • built-in locks.

  • a little bit heavy.

Product information:

  • This case is meant for 1 shotgun;
  • dimensions: 54*15*6 in.;
  • case is airline approved;
  • comes with precut foam;
  • waterproof accessory box is included;
  • silica gel canister is included.



7. Case Club Pre-Made Waterproof 3 Gun Competition Case

This solid plastic case is suitable for transporting your guns. Great design and neatly made.

It will definitely protect your rifle or shotgun.

Comes with 2 moisture removing silica gel canisters, waterproof accessory box, knife, built-in locks and black foam for customising.

It stores two rifles or shotgun and a pistol.

There are built-in solid wheels that will facilitate the transportation, but it is also heavy enough, because it is designed for several guns.


  • top-quality;
  • strong, waterproof material;
  • heavy duty;
  • customizable.

  • a bit expensive.

Product information:

  • built-in solid wheels;
  • built-in locks with 2 identical keys;
  • silica gel is included;
  • waterproof accessory box and knife are included;
  • case is airline approved.



8. Pelican 1510 Case With Foam (Black)

This is another high quality Pelican product, which will be very convenient for transporting gun accesories.

It comes in two styles: with padded dividers or with foam.

And you can also choose between two colours – black and desert tan.

This case is airtight, so there won’t be any moisture or dust.


  • carry-on size for flights;
  • heavy and sturdy;
  • well-padded.

  • not too capacious.

Product information:

  • dimensions: 22 *13 * 9 in.;
  • weight: 13.6 pounds;
  • watertight, crush-proof and dust-proof;
  • comes in two styles: with padded dividers or with foam
  • has strong wheels



Thus, I have highlighted 5 tactical rifle cases that are the best for the quality and budget. They are reliable anf made of strong PVC material. The cases are water-resistant and padded, appropriate to protect the guns from moisture, scratches and damages.

The bags are big enough for one or 2 long guns, multiple magazines and ammo. Meanwhile, consider that the internal case length is to be 1” or 1-1/5” more than your rifle length. For example, 42” drag bad is suitable for up to 41” or 40-1/4”- long weapon.
The price matters. However, for long-distance and sensitive missions, heavy case use, I would recommend reliable, convenient and padded products, even if they are not the most affordable.

Guns and rifles are to be properly maintained, disassembled, cleaned and transported in the most secure way possible. Select the best sniper drag bag for it right now. If you still need additional information, read other expert reviews that were helpful for me.

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