How to Identify the Best Steering Wheel Lock

Steering Wheel Lock

Mechanical interlocks are units protecting the car from theft by immobilizing it. Such devices make an attacker feeble in accessing the car salon and manage the vehicle systems.

Big amount of mechanical interlocks will increase the time for neutralization for a hijacker. He will have little chance to reach his goal.

There are various types of these devices. Three main of them are:

  • The steering wheel lock presented as a mechanism (spacer, rod with a clutch). You have to fix it on the wheel and prevent its spinning.
  • It’s a low-cost and easy-to-use type of lock option, but its sustainability to burglary is low.
  • The steering unit is external (a rod with clutch) and internal.
  • The bar with the coupling is a perfect version of the previous blocker (it is put on the shaft and not on the steering wheel).

The whip model well resists breaking but is located in an uncomfortable place for the driver.

The latch of the mechanical lock is most often controlled by a key. Pay attention to the quality of the secretion mechanism. It has a big influence on the effectiveness of the device.

Quality larvae are produced by a narrow range of manufacturers.

Here are the best steering wheel locks:

PhotoProduct nameView on Amazon
1. Disklok Security Device - Steering Wheel Lock1. Disklok Security Device - Steering Wheel LockView on Amazon
2. The Club CL303 Pedal to Steering Wheel Lock, Red2. The Club CL303 Pedal to Steering Wheel Lock, RedView on Amazon
3. Car Lock, Car Steering Wheel Lock Universal3. Car Lock, Car Steering Wheel Lock UniversalView on Amazon
4. The Club 3000 Twin Hooks Steering Wheel Lock, Yellow4. The Club 3000 Twin Hooks Steering Wheel Lock, YellowView on Amazon
5. Car Lock, Adjustable Car Steering Wheel Lock Self-defense Broken Windows5. Car Lock, Adjustable Car Steering Wheel Lock Self-defense Broken WindowsView on Amazon
6. The Club CL606 Brake Lock Vehicle Anti-Theft Device6. The Club CL606 Brake Lock Vehicle Anti-Theft DeviceView on Amazon
7. NRG Innovations SRK-101MB Matte Black Quick Lock7. NRG Innovations SRK-101MB Matte Black Quick LockView on Amazon
8. Steering Wheel Lock Universal Vehicle by LC Prime8. Steering Wheel Lock Universal Vehicle by LC PrimeView on Amazon
9. Foldable Vehicle Anti-Theft Devices Car Steering Wheel9. Foldable Vehicle Anti-Theft Devices Car Steering WheelView on Amazon
10. KEEPING Universal Security Anti Theft Heavy Duty Van Car SUVs Rotary Steering Wheel Lock10. KEEPING Universal Security Anti Theft Heavy Duty Van Car SUVs Rotary Steering Wheel LockView on Amazon
It is worthwhile to know that a disk or pin variant is good in the larvae. Practice shows that larvae with the pin mechanism, unlike the disk analogs, are hacked using the bumping method.
To neutralize the device with a disk larva, an attacker has to use special tools and considerable time.

If you need to find the best steering wheel lock, I’ll try to give you a few pieces of advice for you using 10 perfect units.

1. Disklok Security Device – Steering Wheel Lock

Disklok is a company that was established in 1993. This UK producer can brag of prizes from Auto Express.

This model is presented in small, medium and large sizes. It’s important to gauge the rudder wheel and then pick up suitable variant.

Richard Spillett, the journalist of the Mail who explored this theme said that nowadays burglars get at how to detour automobile electronic system of defense. It’s better to choose frumpy but sustained variants.


It’s heavy and solid. You can divide or unblock it only by using brazing torch with oxygen acetylene.

The steering wheel has no difficulties with units that have a plane underside. For choosing the most suitable variant you’d better meter from left to right the truck. But do it at the largest points.


10 discs provide the high level of security of this lock. Keys are turning on the 45 degrees.

If you lost the key, you have to appeal to the company and they will transmit additional key.


The system tangles thieves by twirling of the steering wheel. It’s impossible to take steerage.

But air cushion wouldn’t be damaged by the unit and will be able to protect owner in the car of a car crash. A bent case helps to fit for various wheels with airbags in the heart of this part.

Additional characteristics

Cylinders will draw up normally if you neatly cram in key and slowly shift it on both sides.
It’s simple in applying and has 3 keys in the kit.


2. The Club CL303 Pedal to Steering Wheel Lock, Red

Last year, the Financial Times told a story about the danger from car thieves. For the 3 years, this type of crime in England and Wales jumped by 30 percent.

The brand Winner International knows how to keep your car safe and do it successfully during the last 30 years.

This unit was created for retaining function for stealing an auto. But the company can’t assure maximum protection of thieves’ actions.


The variant is robust hardy steel. Body is solid and painted in red color. This element attracts the attention of the robber.

Comfortable exploitation is provided by the opportunity to extend and draw. All car owners can install it easily and be calm.


One of the customers lived near the metro and his auto was thieved. And he decided to set this model. After 6 months it was only shattered by adolescents. But it was motionless because of an installed unit for protection.


It’s nice remedy for drivers who left their car near the house or at the parking place.

It latches with a slight stretch. This model has the property of locking itself.

Additional characteristics

For correct installation of the product, you have to place it in the lowest stance. But it is needed before pawling the hasp, because prowler will promptly move the unit from the pedal and retard the bar.


3. Car Lock, Car Steering Wheel Lock Universal

The Telegraph reminded everyone that steering wheel locks were in-demand during the 80’s and 90’s and now they made a powerful comeback.

MONOJOY produced a model that was tested by police and got the maximum result. It can retain burglar from crime in a material and optical ways.

Car anti-theft device with a high quality includes solid lock and firm case.


The model can fit any automobile model. It can dilate from 45 to 71 cm. The materials of the unit are steel and superior aluminum.

2 crooks in the unit provide reliable closing of the lock. In insular layout, they are at 5 cm aside.


It will take almost 10 seconds to place and fix the unit on the mechanism. The model has a wieldy end. Drivers can use it if they are locked in the car. Beating the window can be important for the rescue.


You have to install the product in a right way to make it effective. I give you a little instruction.

You have to take both ends then drag them separately. You have to lift the lock’s sidepieces and push a sharp the wheel.

Additional characteristics

This variant has a good advantage. You can use it also as a hummer if you are in danger.
A knob of the unit is covered with the froth. So, it wouldn’t scrape your wheel.


4. The Club 3000 Twin Hooks Steering Wheel Lock, Yellow

Captain Esteban of the Criminal Investigations at Hawaii said that for precluding of the car crimes drivers have to use either alarm or steering wheel lock.

The company Winner International offer unique variants for protection autos. The National Fraternal Order of Police gives a high mark to their units.

The model has binary grapple set. It makes the car more arduous for reaching for burglars.


The unit is made of the metal. But it has a coat of plastic on the upper part. It is designed with the cro-moly steel. It doesn’t afraid saw, prise up and knockdown actions.

There is also ameliorated type of the case. You can bar the lock easily with a single draw.


The buyer told me that his automobile was stolen twice. And he decided to take old-school protection. He characterized this model as a visual restrictive mean of defense.

He uses the unit every day and the car wasn’t interesting for attackers. It fixed easily and tightly on the needles for governance by thumbs.


Other customer said that this model can protect even the lorry steering wheel. It’s convenient to set the unit and you can remove it without great efforts. But it will be very gravely to unlock the variant without the key.

Additional characteristics

You will spend 5 seconds in the setting the product and only 5 to uncover it. But you can do it if you possess only both keys.


5. Car Lock, Adjustable Car Steering Wheel Lock Self-defense Broken Windows

There was a campaign for helping owners of lorries or old-style autos to get steering wheel locks in one of the districts of Canada.

Citizen became very active about such idea and it helps to reduce a rate of stealing cars by a few percent.

And one of the in-demand products is the model Centstar-002. It has a durable handle and case.


This unit is made of a fine steel and allegation of aluminum. A hyperbolic cylinder of the product and small speed of the reciprocal unblocking are the most important advantages.

The offshoot of the unit is changeable and you can tune it as you need.


An inhabitant of New York noticed that during 25 years of the driving car he has changed 4 models of the Winner International Company. Autos were only broken but thieves couldn’t move them away.

The keys were made with etched riffles. The product can protect against the intervention.


This unit will suit the majority of the car brands. It will function well if you follow all requirements in the instructions on the site.

Additional characteristics

It has an advantage of self-defending. The part of the product can be transformed in the hammer and can be used for knocking out of the window in the emergency situation.


6. The Club CL606 Brake Lock Vehicle Anti-Theft Device

Maxime Rieman, the reporter of the Newsmax, reports that thefts of cars with innovative security technologies are increased dramatically in the New Jersey, Florida and California States.

The model is produced by the Winner International. It has a powerful case and made of a solid material.


The hardy steel is the most reliable material that helps the product to resist various influences like beating, sawing and other.

This unit can function on the tame gear shift automobiles. This type of locks fastens to the brake pedal. Also, you can fix it on the clutch pedal. The unit isn’t consolidating on the steering wheel.


The formal Club you can break only by using a drill or a saw. The state of the unit makes it hard to remove it quickly without noise.

It can freely suit the brake mechanism to 9/16” broad. If you have jeep, it will be a perfect. But be attentive that you use the key while pawling the unit which is turned to the door.


Red color has a visual influence on the burglaries. You have to do only one press and it will provide a self-blockage system.

Additional characteristics

The owner of Dodge and Chrysler autos noticed that it always terminating of longitude before you drag it out. He said that it better to spin any element to the body of the product with proportion 2X4 to make it longer.



7. NRG Innovations SRK-101MB Matte Black Quick Lock

The company NRG Innovations has visited various events connected with cars and their security like races, different official meets and conferences. It has 15 years experience in saving autos from thieves.

The SRK-101MB Quick Lock Matte Black model was created for high effective protection. It can be used with the NRG Standard prompt reveal set.


This model has a small nave. By using the fast output this mechanism retention is also close to supply capacity.

The unit has duplicate springs. They possess self-indexing prompt detachments among others.


It is real to drive your motor vehicle while the clamp of the column is spare. But such mechanism has to show the binding effect against breaking.

When you install the hob of lock, you can’t quickly dispose other appointed with NRG production steering wheel.


The powerful steel case and sphere designed chateau provide effective fixation that wouldn’t allow removing it without key or hard strike.

Additional characteristics

If you want to do the installation right, you’d better verify block of the steering wheel before you fix the lock.

There can be a glow on the dash after setting a fast extrication kit. In that case you have to establish mill clock-spring. It will be located out of the car after mounting.


8. Steering Wheel Lock Universal Vehicle by LC Prime

The company LC Prime is a South Korean factory that produces various mechanisms for automobiles since 2005.
This model is a combination of a solid classic security technologies and convenient design.

It also has a password for high defense. The crop of the model is made from a durable alloy.


The model is secured with the password and you don’t need to have additional key all the time. The product can be block by mechanical numeric parole. You have to generate a watchword with 5 elements.

Special alligation protect the unit from the hydraulic influences and impact of the tools for hacking.


You can regulate the length of the model according to the measurements of the car. The lock can be installed almost on every steeling wheel. It can stretch from 7 to 15.5 inches.


There are 13 million combinations of the parole, so burglars can’t move away the lock quickly. It doesn’t provide a universal key.

It also can’t be unlocked with the drill using or cutting.

Additional characteristics

After purchasing the product you will get 60-days assurance. You can apply to the customer’s service and get a consultation.

The numbers wouldn’t be erased because of the lasting materials of producing the model.


9. Foldable Vehicle Anti-Theft Devices Car Steering Wheel

The DailyMail called the most widespread methods of stealing cars. There are using jammers for blocking and relay cases. Burglars try to fool the security systems by using these 2 ways.

The model is a perfect choice for the wrap steering wheel lock. It can easily protect your automobile and scare off thieves.


The unit is made of high-quality alloy and leather. The balk of the chateau was elaborate from the steel fusion. The firmness of it is higher than 304 steel in 2 times.

You have to install it with various mark key locking mechanism. It has a universal size that will fit old and new models of the cars.


The rigid case ensures the highest level of fixing the unit on the wheel. It doesn’t have large proportions.

If a thief tries to unlock the unit, it will involve the air cushion pinafore that will push the buzzer to give the alarm.


The knob of the unit is coated with leather with the chemical element plutonium. It has a stitching made by humans. It can be firm even if there is a high temperature.

Additional characteristics

You can setup the model if you don’t use it and bring it below the seat. It will take almost 5-10 minutes to install it back.



10. KEEPING Universal Security Anti Theft Heavy Duty Van Car SUVs Rotary Steering Wheel Lock

The model was created by the company Lc Prime. It has been supplying protection devices for 13 years and can show good results of work.

This unit was created for durable fixation on the wheel without holding on the pedal. How does a steering wheel lock work in the extreme conditions? This model shows that it’s easy.


It’s a serve blocking gear which you can open by using one of the keys that come with the kit. This unit is made of the aluminum and grave strong steel.

The model comes with the scum insert that helps to save the wheel without damages.


This unit can be installed during a few minutes and it can block the steering. Prowler can’t open the lock without key or drill.

The rustproof steel provides powerful defense from environmental influences and various instruments for cutting.


The model pawls the mechanism of the auto. If you have a subtle steering wheel, you’d better check the section that is approximately 1/8 of an inch near the wheel.

Additional characteristics

It can’t prevent the steeling developed by the professional crime burglars. But this unit can restrain inexperienced guys from the injudicious crime making.

The delivery of the unit can take from 10 to 17 days. But if there are some problems, you can apply the technical support of the company.



There were 10 perfect and dissimilar variants for protection of your auto. You can compare prices, features and the level of the reliability and then make your choice.

You have to identify the most suitable according to such things:

  • Choose locks in specialized stores and target units by proven brands.
  • The blocking device should be made of high-strength metal, resistant to drilling, sawing, and other influences.
  • Located in a “convenient” place the lock hijacker is easier to neutralize. Therefore, the comfort in using such a device doesn’t have to be the most significant. This applies to the interior chateau of the steering wheel.

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