Tips for Staying Safe on Campus

Campus safety tips

Campus safety tips


That’s the total number of criminal incidents committed against people and property on campuses that were reported to police and security agencies.

You’ve got to attend class, do assignments, essays to write, hang out with friends, and a hundred and one other tasks that come with being a college student. This means to achieve any of these tasks, you have to be safe. Therefore, staying safe on campus is important because it has a direct effect on your learning.

So, in this post, you will find out the top tips that ensure your safety on campus that you can easily follow today.

 1. Familiarize or Learn About Your Campus Security

Most colleges have campus officers or security personnel that are meant to protect students and faculty. You can find out what your campus is doing to ensure it’s safe for everyone.

This can be the installation of a security camera or metal detectors. Having armed security guards is another way of making you feel safe. Although guns on campuses are a controversial or contentious issue.

The big reason for this happening is the rampant gun violence and mass shootings. Therefore, an armed security guard is more capable of handling an armed shooter.

Also, if there’s a safety office or campus safety department, your college is prioritizing security. Also, you can learn more about employing security personnel that is there enough to protect students.

A good way to gauge security is whether you feel safe in or out of campus. If you’re more nervous or anxious on campus, then safety isn’t a priority to the administration.

2. Avoid Walking Alone

Walk with friends to stay safe

This is especially during night time because most students are cooped up or locked in their dorm rooms. Therefore, walking alone throughout campus might not be the best choice. Because 45% of women and 27% of men say that they do not feel safe walking alone at night.

But, by having a friend with you, you’re employing the buddy system so you ensure each other’s safety. Do not forget that there is safety in numbers. A loner walking the streets is more of a target and is susceptible to be a victim of crime than a group of 2 or more people.

Don’t walk alone is old age advice or a tip that your parents have warned and cautioned you about. You might believe that nothing can happen to you, but I don’t recommend gambling with your safety.

But if you must or have a part-time job that prompts you to be out at night, it is good to take precautions like knowing basic self-defense or have a keychain that turns into spikes, becoming a weapon.

So, if you’re to meet someone because of an assignment and have no one to accompany you, don’t risk it. Just get your digital device and find some online college homework help service. Prioritize your safety first.

3. Maintain Your Privacy on Social Media

Almost every student is on social media, and sharing your plans and life through these platforms can both be good and bad. Remember that everything you post and write to many people, besides your friends, can view it.

Also, every photo you take can be geotagged, meaning you are revealing your location. Unless you disable this function, everyone will know whether you are on campus or not. As more people are using these social networks, they are revealing more of their personal information.

You know that people will be out of town for a certain amount of time and where they’re destined to be. By doing this, anyone with intent to cause harm can decide to burgle your home, dorm room, or even stalk you. Therefore, be smart and aware of who’s viewing your posts and what you can share online.

4. Communicate Your Plans to Close Friends and Family

Text to stay safe

College is the first time a majority of young people are alone and have the freedom to do anything. They can go to parties, bars, drink, and enjoy themselves as they want. But this freedom doesn’t mean you throw caution to the wind.

So, when going out, tell or inform someone of your plans that is where and who you’re going with. This is to make sure someone else besides you can track your movements if anything unfortunate happens.

Although you did your schoolwork, got college papers help, and you feel like partying or celebrating, it’s wise to inform others of your plans, so they can have peace of mind that you are somewhere with a known person.

5. Be Smart at Parties

College is a haven for different parties, and you can attend one every weekend. But with the abundance of parties and party-goers come alcohol, drugs, and drinking. So, if you are at these parties, don’t drink too much.

Also, if you’ve never taken alcohol before, it’s advisable to take or drink what you brought yourself or made for yourself at the party. By accepting drinks from others, you don’t know what is mixed there. It can be a drug or something that makes you vulnerable to sexual assault, or you’ll become a victim of crime.

But if you do have too much to drink, don’t drive and have a trusted friend that can help you out. So, you can enjoy yourself at a party without going overboard because a hangover in the morning isn’t fun.

Being and staying safe means that you have to be aware of your surroundings first. College is fun, but it can be a bad experience for others when they don’t utilize these tips for ensuring their safety. Therefore when you’re safe, your loved ones are at ease. Also, you will be focused on learning and not be fearful of the campus.

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