Stay Stylish with These Discreet Living Room Designs 

Discreet living room design

Discreet living room design

Trends in home decor are ever-changing. But what matters most is to find that connection to the heart of your home that gives you a nuance of serenity and improves your productivity.

After gaining popularity in the design industry, Minimalism has been considered as a discreet but timeless and elegant style. It combines form and functionality that make your home a perfect retreat while keeping the space around you free and efficient.

Less is definitely more, but opt for things that give you more versatility without sacrificing aesthetics. Here are some ideas to help you own that discreet but posh living room that you’re dreaming of!

Neutral Colors

Design experts suggest you paint your living room shades of cream or very light green to give it a simple and relaxed aura.

A soft color helps you achieve that peaceful ambiance and encourages a clutter-free space.

Neutral colors don’t have to be boring; if combined with the right furniture or highlight pieces, you’ll find your living room aesthetically pleasing, only in a gentle manner.

Recessed Cabinets

Create built-in cabinets to save space and for more storage. It creates a sleek, edgy ledge backdrop and the streamlined recessed storage can also harmonize well with an ornamented wall or flooring.

The storage wall can keep your closets, drawers, cupboards and conceal your home appliances and entertainment devices.


Electric Fireplace

Installing an electric fireplace not only gives you warmth during the cold winter season, but it can also be a versatile accent piece at home.

They can be the discreet type that gives you extra space, a portable one that is easy to move, or a multifunctional fireplace that can also serve as a media center and a shelf for some of your collections. Check out this list of today’s best modern electric fireplaces to find the style that most suits you.

Collapsible Bed

Get a bed that offers few functional benefits. A trundle or sofa bed can come in handy for sleepovers or for your office and study room where you can lie down and relax during breaks.

The best part of having a sofa bed is that it’s easy to set up and move just anywhere you need it in the house.

Another excellent option is a bed with retractable drawers underneath that doubles as additional storage. These types of multipurpose beds are really an imperative buy for a discreet living.

Add Mirrors

One trick to add more space visually is to add a well-placed mirror. You can consider a floor to ceiling mirrored wall or placing the mirror on cabinet doors and on top of the focal of your room.

A strategically placed mirror near the windows or behind a pendant light can also help spread light around your space.

Multifunctional Furniture

There are lots of genius furniture pieces today that have been reimagined over and over to give you that fun yet interesting details.

The concept is to invent foldable pieces that you can easily tuck away when not in use. One very fun and clever idea is a foldable wall table that hides away as a reconceptualized picture frame.

A redesigned Murphy bed is also an extreme space-saver – it keeps your ground free when stowed away and you can utilize this space for other purposes.

The market now offers a variety of reinvented home essentials like multipurpose table and storage shelf, and a collapsible dining set, to name a few.

These are ideal solutions to tiny spaces or minimalist living and they are usually crafted in a chic Nordic style.

Color, Shape and Texture

When accessorizing, think along finer lines, rich textures and a surprisingly vibrant accent to make your space stand out.

Choose slender designs like a Scandinavian pendant light, select soft drapes, include fur to the fabric and pick one item to really pop in a bright color. The golden rule is not to over-accessorized and find the balance and congruity in your design.

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