Quick and Dirty: Electric Brooms “Get ‘er Done”

electric brooms


electric brooms

Science fiction, whether it’s the cerebral Star Trek variety, the whiz-bang shoot ‘em up Star Wars version, or the half-naked Princess of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs category, has a science problem – i.e.; it’s hard to stay ahead of it.

When Star Trek first previewed in 1966, Captain Kirk’s communicator was futuristic and cool. Today, it looks clunky and outdated compared to a smartphone.

In much the same way, fingerprint locks were once the sole purview of space opera magazines in the 1940s and 50s.

In one of those over-the-top stories, a female character once remarked, upon opening a secret door with a thumbprint, that it was better than any key because it couldn’t be stolen.

Very true, and if you’ve ever had a key stolen you’ll understand the Persian proverb that tells us, “He most values safety who experiences danger.”

Today, for safety, fingerprint door locks can be had for less than $200 if you’re willing to skip the bells and whistles for a plain Jane type of lock.

Even the expensive ones are under $400.

The Jetsons

electric brooms the jetsons

On the TV show the Jetsons, there was a robot maid named Rosie who could all kinds of household cleaning and as far as anyone knows was never plugged into anything.

Isaac Asimov wrote about robots too, with his I, Robot series that was later turned into a movie of the same name starring Will Smith.

But this is where science fiction and science part ways. Science has never been able to keep up with science fiction robots.

There are simply too many variables. The Roomba, and other robotic vacuum cleaners like it, simply can’t get the job done the way the commercials claim they can.

H. G. Wells once said that advertising is legalized lying and that was never truer than in regards to robots.

Electric Broom vs Vacuum Cleaner

Instead of trusting a robot to take all day doing what you can do in a few minutes, perhaps you should get an electric broom.

You can find plenty of them at this website but what’s the difference between an electric broom and a vacuum cleaner?

The only real answer is; a lot and not much.

An electric broom sometimes called a stick vacuum, is a slender, low profile vacuum cleaner that is lightweight, small, and easy to use for quick spot cleaning.

The dust canister is smaller than the one on a full-sized vacuum cleaner so it has to be emptied more frequently.

It doesn’t have as much suction power as a full vacuum cleaner either. For manufacturers that claim their product does have the same amount of suction, we refer you to the quote from H. G. Wells.

However, a stick vacuum or electric broom can get into places and under things you’ll have difficulty reaching with a regular vacuum cleaner.

Because it’s lightweight, it’s ideal for taking up and down the stairs to clean the stairs and best of all, because it’s so small, it can run on Lithium-Ion battery power which means you don’t even have to plug it in to use it.

Battery-powered electric brooms rarely run more than 20 or 25 before the battery needs to be recharged but so what?

The whole point of an electric broom is for spot cleaning anyway. At best, you might clean one room at a time with it.

The Right Tool For The Job

electric brooms right tool

It’s like getting a safe. You might get a big floor safe for large items and a couple of small safes disguised as everyday items for small amounts of cash or jewelry.

Keep a regular vacuum cleaner around for normal cleaning for the whole house when you need lots of power and a big dust canister to hold it all.

Then keep an electric broom handy for those little emergencies that pop up now and then, such as when someone kicks the dog’s food dish over or spills the popcorn during a scary movie.

A battery-powered electric broom also has the advantage of working during a blackout.

You wouldn’t be here on a website about home security unless you had those kinds of contingencies in mind.

Maybe you’ve even got a generator, but why suck up all that electricity with a full-sized vacuum cleaner when you can save power by using a battery-powered electric broom?

Use the right tool for the right job and you won’t have to worry about running down your generator during an emergency just because you like a clean house.