Floor to Ceiling Storage Ideas and Projects


Clean and uncluttered spaces, tall ceilings, multiple storage options for all the different things you have…

These are things we ALL yearn for.

And I’m here to tell you that you can DIY it all into reality without spending much!

Adding floor to ceiling storage to a room makes the ceiling look taller and helps keep the space uncluttered by supplying all the storage you need for your things!

The best part?

It’s not as tricky as it’s made out to be. These are just boxes – albeit large ones – and basic woodworking skills and patience are all you need to make them.

In this post, I will highlight 11 of the best DIY floor to ceiling storage cabinet projects on the internet and give you quick overviews of how they were made!

1. Graceful Shelves For The Living Room

The living room is where you relax, maybe watch some TV, or read a book before you call it a night.

YouTuber Paul Tran’s design is graceful and pacifying and incorporates LEDs, which uplift the tone of the room even more.

The base is the easiest to make, and post building the cabinets and fortifying the countertop; all you need to do is cut some planks and make the top shelves!


2. Voguish Walk-In Wardrobe

Well-spaced, open shelves make any walk-in wardrobe super modern and alluring.

Building a ceiling to floor shelf for your walk-in wardrobe is not only more comfortable, but it also looks super showy.

All you have to do is make a solid backboard, screw in some planks at just the right spots, and add a hosiery cabinet.

Boom. Walk-in wardrobe renovated.

walk-in wardrobe

3. Classy Bookcase

There’s not one reader who doesn’t want a chic bookshelf in their room!

The Family Handyman blog nails this project, building a mid-19th century style bookcase, enlivening the room’s ambiance and making it conducive for reading.

It may look complex, but it’s not. Cutting up 2×4’s to size, making some jigs for the shelves, and cutting out the casings and moldings is half of it.

Installing the standards, trims, shelves, and casings is really all that’s left.

Attaching a rolling ladder will make the bookcase more handsome and authentic.

classy bookcase

Read the full instructions to making this ornate bookshelf over at the Family Handyman blog.

4. Contemporary and Functional Bedroom Cabinet

Jacob Marks from the JMakes YouTube channel documented how he made his teenage bedroom into a functional bedroom with a dedicated workspace – by just adding the perfect cabinet.

The four-part cabinet is divided by perfectly-spaced shelves that give you the right spaces to store things. Everything from hosiery to shirts gets its own shelf without looking too cluttered.

Jacob’s method is really simple:

He cuts the planks in the shape of his attic’s ceiling, fills the gaps around the cabinet with spare pieces of plywood, and finishes off by adding drawers and doors.

5. Luxurious Kitchen Pantry

A Mahagony pantry suits EVERY kitchen. No exceptions!

After you make the cabinets for the bottom, connect it to the wall cabinets via a thick strip of wood. Make a countertop with marble, and add some mild-colored LEDs.

Store food on the bottom, and crockery on the top!

6. Sleek Bookcase For The Office

A sleek, all-white bookcase gives an office a lot of character – especially one with glass fronts. Mandi’s tutorial on the Vintage Revivals blog makes building one super easy.

You don’t have to build all of it yourself – Mandi customizes the Billy bookcases from Ikea to make the beautiful bookcase.

Sleek Bookcase

Mandi’s simple hack makes this the easiest floor to ceiling storage solution to build on this list. Read about her method here.

7. Ultimate Home Theater Setup

If you’re looking for something more challenging, Florida Tabdigger’s DIY floor to ceiling TV unit is the project you should look into.

It scales from the floor to the ceiling and crawls further, integrating speakers from the 7.2 surround sound setup.

Of course, there are short, LED-accented shelves where you can store and show off decorative art, and the shelves below the TV supply enough room to put away your electronics.

Building the frame and wiring the speakers is the bulk of the project – filling it in and placing the electronics is the fun part.

8. Sharp-Looking Cabinet For The Bar

Building a cabinet in a nook is one of the best ways to show off your liquor collection.

Build the bottom cabinets for a fridge and kegerator and drawers for the glasses. The glass-fronted shelf you build in the end will leave your friends parched for a drink.

You can add some showpieces to spruce up the look!

tall-kitchen-storage hutch

9. Pragmatic and Discreet Shoe Storage

Scott McIndoe from the Instructables blog shows how, for $150, he made an appealing storage cabinet for his shoes.

After picking where he wanted the sliding door cabinet, he installed some drywall and used 2×4 lumber to build a frame and section it off from the room.

Plastering it and adding the shelves is all that was left to do before adding the sliding mirror doors.

Pragmatic and Discreet Shoe Storage

Scott explains how he built what he playfully calls the “wardshoe” here.

10. Suave Mirror-Door Wardrobe

The built-in wardrobe has the same basic framework as Scott’s shoe storage we just discussed.

However, it’s a little more refined, and the shelves are built to store clothes and jackets alongside shoes.

You can follow Scott’s tutorial pretty much to a T – except you must join to shelves at slightly different positions, use elegant casings, and affix a rail for the jackets.

built-in wardrobe

11. Exquisite Dining Room Cabinet

The nook in the dining room can be used with Tania Griffis’s elegant cabinet design.

The floating wall shelves above the bottom cabinets make room for showpieces that give the room a vibrant lift.

After creating the foundation and interior walls, painting and adding the floating shelves is all you need to do to give your dining room a lot more character.

Exquisite Dining Room Cabinet

Tania’s blog post details every step of her process of making the elegant cabinet. Check it out here!

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