Spice Up Your Garage and Storage Room Into a Cozy Hangout


cozy storage room

If you have a garage or even a storage room, it’s probably full of all kinds of household items, outdoor tools, sports equipment and other things that need to be gone through, separated, disposed of, cleaned and put away.

What about any extra space that’s left over once everything is out of the way? What could you do with additional space?

How can you spice up those areas and transform them into a cozy hangout or some other usable space?

Here are a few ideas that just might spur you on to clean out your garage or storage room and get ready to use that space differently.

Mudroom within a Garage

Why not turn a part of your garage into a mudroom? Rather than track dirty shoes and boots in the house, transform part of your garage into a warm and cozy mudroom.

Include a bench for sitting on along with cubby receptacles below it for hats and gloves. Include some scraping mats for wiping your shoes and boots.

Also, put some hooks above the bench for hanging wet coats and jackets.

While you’re at it, make sure you think about installing an electric garage heater to make the mudroom area warm for changing out of wet clothes and shoes especially when the temperature dips below freezing.

You’ll need the added warmth of the heater and you limit the risk of the buildup of moisture with a heating system. If you don’t know which garage heater to buy, check out Tom Collins for his reviews and buying guide.

Kids Playroom Station

Convert your garage space into a playroom. Kids can easily run back and forth from the inside to the outside for play, and when the weather changes, the space is still available for them to use as a playroom.

You can incorporate storage for games, toys and learning materials and crafts into the pad. Prepare the area by putting thick carpet or rug, or the fun colored thick foam pads.

Insulate, paint the wall with the color or design your kids want and install all the necessary racks and storages.

Indoor Outdoor Entertainment Space

If you’re not using your garage for parking your vehicles, why not convert it to an entertainment space?

You could paint the floor, insulate, put in a different door, install a heating and cooling system, build or buy some seating and decorate the area to reflect your interests.

You can add foosball table, pool table or a pin pong table. It’s a perfect room for hanging out with guests.

Homely Guest Room

If your home is considerably smaller and there simply isn’t enough room for overnight guests, why not transform the garage or storage area into a guest room?

Come up with a plan to insulate, paint, install a heating and cooling system, a sofa bed and other bedroom accessories to make the room complete.

You can do it fairly quickly, and your out-of-town guests will be happy to accept your accommodations rather than going to a motel.

Home Gym

transform garage to a home gym

Clean up your garage and have that extra space for a home fitness gym. Complete the gym equipment you will be needing and start working first on the flooring of your mini gym.

You can use carpet tiles, rubber or epoxy flooring then add the rubber gym mats on top.

To make your home gym lively, put up some entertainment devices like a TV or a sound system for your music while working out.

Other Work Spaces

Say you need the garage for other purposes beyond entertainment. You seriously need to convert the garage or storage room to a workshop, game room, office, craft room or mini gym.

You don’t want to combine storage space for your vehicle, lawnmower, bikes, and other household items when you need the space for another room.

Take the time to think it through and make plans for converting your garage to what you seriously need.

You want a garage or storage room that is more than useful. Make the best possible use of the garage or storage space you have and invest in making it more fun and better.

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