Gun Safe: A Little Report FYI

Looking for a gun safe info?

There are gun security containers, gun safes, and gun holders; each one delivers a different level of protection. When deciding which device to purchase you have to consider the reasons you want the device, and there are many.

There are the five core questions you need to answer, and they will lead you to the security device that is best suitable and appropriate for you.

  1. How many weapons do you need to secure? One handgun or many rifles with lots of ammo. The difference can mean either purchasing a mini-container to a large home safe.
  2. What kind of weapons do you want to secure? Handguns, rifles, shotguns, ammunition, explosives. The larger the weapon, the larger the device, the more unstable the material, the more secure a device is required.
  3. Are you securing against theft or just for restricted access? For anti-theft you need a safe, not a container, for protection against tampering hands (children and such) a container or metal holster is enough.
  4. Do you need fire and water protection? If you need fire protection, you need a full fireproof safe, for water protection, some containers can provide this as well.
  5. Where will you secure them? Do you need to secure them in your home for quick and easy access or at work, secured in a solid storage device?

As you can see, the type of security device must match your needs, and basic gun containers are not safes, they are not close to a safe. In fact, any gauge over 12 is easily broken into using conventional tools. Real safes are made of extremely thick materials and come with many countermeasures.

Basic gun containers and home security devices are used to protect the gun from children and unwanted touching, but not from thieves. After all, a small thin metal box can be picked up easily, or pried open with the right tools.

Single handguns can be contained in easy to access metal holsters, and you can have more than one secured around your property. A full gun safe with fire and waterproof characteristics are heavy, large and requires proper location securing.

After you have decided which security device you want, you can then add additional features for a better storage environment. These additions include dehumidifiers, lighting units, and power sources.


Dehumidifiers are used to create a dry atmosphere that will protect your gun’s metal from corrosion. There are two types of the dehumidifier, silicone gel and heating elements; both work well. The silicone gel models are stand alone and don’t need a power source; you just need to replace the gel balls once in a while. The heating elements require a power source but provide a balanced heat that dries out all moisture. Essentially, gel dehumidifiers can be small, while electric ones are usually long and rod-like in shape.


Isn’t it frustrating to not see all the nooks and crannies in your safe? Lighting is imperative for medium to large safes, and a good safe lighting system is motion operated. This means it’s standalone that lights up every time you open the safe door. A good lighting system will be small enough to sit in all safe areas, can be fastened by magnets or sticky surface and will most probably be LED.

Ammunition Racks

What’s the point in providing a storage solution for your gun if you don’t have one for your ammunition as well. Ammunition storage can be small for the solo handgun, and be a pouch or just place for placing the ammo box, or it can be a designer rack, door pouches and more. Whichever design you go for, an ammunition rack or space to store your ammunition is mandatory, this way, you know where your gun is, and you know where your ammo is, making retrieval easy, fast and secure.

You will notice that the smaller devices do not come with additional features since they are in most cases too small to support a light, dehumidifier or both.