7 DIY Hanging Cube Storage Units to Sneak in More Storage with Ease



There’s just never enough space, is there? Everything is always scattered, cluttering your space, and clogging your mind.

Ugh. I know the feeling.

But there’s an easy fix that I think could work wonders for you — DIY hanging cube storage units!

Sure, they give you the storage you need, but the best thing about them is that they’re easy and cheap to put together!

Plus, they’re not bulky eyesores like the units you find at the store.

To make finding the right unit easy for you, in this post, I’ll highlight seven of the best DIY hanging cube storage unit projects on the internet!

1. Photo Cube Shelves

Anima from The Design Journal explains how to easily DIY photo cube shelves that are multi-functional – they’re charming and make excellent stowages!

To make these, use raw wood shadow boxes or wall hangings and stick foam boards on them with a spray adhesive. Place calendar cut-outs or printed photos at the bottom and screw the shelves on the wall randomly.


You can find detailed instructions for making these DIY floating cubes on Homemade by Carmona.

2. Floating Tetris Shelves

Inspired by the popular video game Tetris, Kat and Cam from Our Nerd Home built cool, contrasty floating Tetris shelves.

They cut out plywood into various Tetris block shapes and covered the bottom with sheets.

You could make these any size you want to meet your storage needs, but the DIYing duo recommends that you make 4″ x 4″ grids.

Assemble them using regular finishing nails and wood glue. Smoothen the edges using wood filler on the seams and paint them in any color you like.

What’s great with this design, is you can make as many as you want or need. Build a giant game and get floor to ceiling storage while creating a fun storage piece for your house.


The Tetris shelves would look fabulous over the fireplace or in the drawing-room. Check out the full DIY on Our Nerd Home.

3. Easy Floating Pallet Shelves

Wooden pallets give a rustic look to your home.

And YouTuber Joe Lydic shares a very easy shelf design you can execute with a few planks of wood, a hand saw, a jigsaw, and some wood glue.

After you cut and glue the planks as he asks you to, you will need to drill two holes and use a jigsaw to make a “keyhole.”

Screw in a hole to the wall you want the shelf on, and slide the pallet shelf on by the keyhole.

Applying quality mineral oil to the wood before hanging the shelf will ensure that it serves you for decades!


4. Fabric-Encased Storage Cubes For Shelves

If you already have some floating shelves, but they don’t give you the storage you need, Carrie’s storage cube idea on her blog Lovely Etc can be an easy long-term fix.

She documents how she went about building DIY storage cubes when remodeling her son’s room on her blog.

She created these cubbies for shoes and clothes inside a closet and decorated them with colorful fabric.

Sounds a little complicated, I know, but all you need to make these are cardboard boxes, foam board, high-quality fabric, spray adhesive, a craft knife, and duct tape.

Making them is as simple as reinforcing the cardboard boxes with foam board and covering them with fabric!

The cubes are very sturdy, and will last you years!


You can stack these, too, which would give your floating shelves a super organized look! Make sure you read the full guide for making these fabric-encased storage cubes on Lovely Etc.

5. Semi-Hanging Headboard Cube Storage

I absolutely love how the designer Elizabeth Brownrigg transformed her bedroom into a fully-functional storage space without compromising aesthetics.

Not everyone has the space to use large, dedicated storage units. You can create a functional semi-hanging cube storage that emerges from the headboard.

The headboard is expanded to cover almost all of the room – and it doesn’t look shabby at all because of the uniform cube pattern!

One way I’d modify the design is by incorporating a three-cube platform somewhere along the unit. I’d use it as a table and affix a floating cube unit above it for a super neat look (and more storage!)

If you’ve never done a project this ambitious before, don’t worry – these are just boxes. You don’t have to complicate things.

But bare in mind that putting it together will likely take you a week or more.


You can find the interesting story behind this design on Elizabeth’s website.

6. Floating Cube Organizer Bookshelf

Replacing your old bookcase with a modern, floating one is one of the best things you can do to make your home look better!

And that’s precisely what Robin from YoutubeN’ on a Budget did!

After ripping out his old bookshelf, sanding the wall down, and painting it, Robin attached his simple hand-made book organizers in a voguish pattern.

He uses the loose cubes he made to position the cube he wants to screw in mid-air, and after the initial is fixed, he uses clamps to position the rest.

So clever!

Use this technique to store books, collectibles, blankets or even for winter sweater storage in your closet.


7. Accented Wall Mounted Storage Cubes

Give your workspace or the reading corner a high impact accented finish with these easy DIY floating square wooden cubes.

Use re-engineered wood to create 10 to 15 medium-sized cubes and splash them with various colors. Use your imagination to create random arrangement patterns. Clamp them to the walls tightly.

The accented arrangement would give a great dimension to the living space. You can place decorative items, store books, photo frames, indoor plants, and more.


Now that you’re acquainted with some of the internet’s best DIY hanging cube storage units, you can get to making whatever storage units match your personality and room style.

The key to not getting frustrated with woodworking projects is to measure and plan out where the storage units fit in the room.

With a little patience, you can add modern storage units to any room in your home without spending much!

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