Hidden Valuables Burglars Look For

burglarized your home

burglarized your home

Coming home to find out that your home or car has been burglarized can bring about a variety of emotions, including anger, depression, and fear.

And in addition to feeling as though your security has been violated, you also have to deal with the fact that you may never see some of your belongings ever again.

According to data pulled from the UK, 95% of burglaries and robberies go unsolved.

Thieves don’t just steal your cash and jewelry. They steal valuable items that they can resell at a high price.

Whenever a burglar breaks into your home, they are looking for really specific items.

They’ll spend time casing your house to figure out when you’re home and if the items inside are worth their time.

Then, once you’re away at work, they’ll slip inside and start stealing your valuables.

One way to deter burglars is installing security cameras around your property.

You should also take the time to secure any valuables that they might be interested in.

In addition to cash and jewellery, here are six other common items any thief would love to get their hands on.


While a burglar checks out your jewellery box, they’re also going to check your closet for name-brand shoes, coats, and other expensive clothes.

Clothing is easy to transport and certain brands have a high resale value online.

If you have name-brand clothing, get in the habit of putting it away where it can’t be seen.

A burglar will only spend a limited amount of time in your house, but a pair of name-brand sneakers casually laying next to your couch will let them know that some of that time needs to be spent going through your closet.

Prescription drugs

There is a black market for prescription drugs.

It is easy to smuggle the containers out of your house and easy to find someone who will buy for them a high price.

It doesn’t matter what type of drug it is, someone will buy it.

Keep your prescriptions hidden in medicine cabinets or closets to help prevent them from being snatched.


finding a key

Most homeowners have the habit of casually leaving an extra set of keys to their garage, house, or car somewhere in their house.

If your extra keys are kept in plain sight, they’re easy for thieves to quickly grab as they ransack your house.

While the burglar themselves isn’t likely to return to the scene of the crime, what they’ll do is sell the keys to other thieves, who will then come back to finish the job.

If you discover that any of your keys are missing after a burglary, immediately change your locks.

Power tools

Many homeowners don’t even consider their power tools to be on the same level of value as a piece of jewellery and leave them lying in their garage, which makes power tools easy for burglars to find.

Small power tools, such as drills, are easy to grab and often have a high resale value.

Drill presses (such as the ones on this website) and other large equipment probably aren’t in any danger because of how bulky they are.


stole gadgets

Small electronics, such as laptops, gaming systems, and video games, are easy to spot and grab.

Many homeowners casually leave these items lying around.

These items, however, have a high resale value and can be immediately pawned, making them a popular choice for thieves.

To prevent your electronics from being stolen, keep them out of sight in inconspicuous places.

Most laptops and phones also have features that will allow you to track them.

Make sure to enable this software so that if an electronic does get stolen, you can find out where it is.


collectible items

No matter if it is artwork, coins, sports memorabilia, or whatever else you’re interested in, a collection of items could be of particular interest to a thief.

There are other collectors out there that would happily purchase a complete collection, making your collection easy for a burglar to resell.

Depending on the size of your collection, consider getting it appraised.

This way, if it does get stolen, you might be able to place an insurance claim. You might also want to consider keeping your most valuable collectibles in some sort of safe.

Concluding thoughts

Many homeowners don’t even realize how many valuables they have laying around their house until after something goes missing.

Go around your house and find inconspicuous homes for your valuables.

This may not stop a burglar from stealing, but it will make your valuables harder to find, which means fewer things will go missing.

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