The best place to hide money conversation with a burglar

Written by Jack Billington

Last week I had a great opportunity to meet with a former burglar Jimmy Jackson (the name is changed) who revealed his tips about best places to find money in the house. I was very surprised by his honesty and wondered why a burglar would have such talk with anyone. Jimmy seemed like a good guy, kind and smiling but I was waiting for a trick or something like that because not every day you sit face to face with a former burglar and have a chat about robbing someone’s house.

Of course, I wanted to know the reason why he agreed to tell about best places to hide money in the house. Jimmy explained that he was once robbed himself. He came back home one day and found that the lock on the front door was broken. Some of his drawers were opened, some furniture was moved and the valuables that he has stolen from people now were stolen from him. All that hard work and worries for nothing. Jimmy says that he cared about someone else’s houses but not his. He never thought that someone would rob him. It turned to be a disaster for him because he was left without a cent.

“So, Jimmy, what is the best place to hide money in a house?”

“Just make sure you do not hide them is usual places, such as drawers, desks, and closets. These are the top places where you do not have to hide your valuables because for us, I mean me in the past, those places were number one. I realized how silly I was when I put stolen jewelry in a drawer in a kitchen and thought no one will even make his way here.”

“Then what are good places to hide valuables in your opinion?”

“It depends on your creativity. Some people hide money in vases, inside toys for children, in washing machines. I would recommend people to leave some money and fake jewelry that look real in obvious places or jewelry that you do not need and will not be upset if it disappears. Burglars always look for the most expensive things such as money and expensive jewelry. I think most robbers would be happy to find it and leave a house as soon as possible. They would not think about taking your TV or microwave oven  after finding gold.”

“So, you mean just to leave some cash on a desk in a front room?”

“Yes. You should make it easy for a burglar. If a burglar cannot find what he looks for at his “top places” then he goes mad and tears up a house. Nowadays, there are a lot of safes that help people not burglars to stash valuables very well. I am pretty sure that most burglars would leave a house immediately after finding a safe that you have no chance to break yourself.”

“How much money is enough to satisfy a burglar and make him leave a house?”

“It depends on the area you live in. I would say that a hundred bucks will be enough to get out of a place as soon as possible. Of course, if a burglar aims for a rich area and rich house owners, it is best to leave more, otherwise, a burglar may not stop. I know it sounds really strange when I say that you need to leave money for a burglar but to repair your house will cost you much more than a hundred dollars.”

“Can you name at least 3 places which will make a burglar’s visit to a house unsuccessful?”

“Secret stash containers are really good findings in my opinion. Most kitchens that I have seen were clogged with different jars, bottles, tins and it really puts you off. Therefore, to hide money and valuables in a fake tin of tuna would be a smart decision. Safes with biometric access will unlikely help a burglar to leave a house in a good mood, and finally, I think your child’s room. A messy room with dozens of toys, boxes, etc. is not the place where a burglar will spend much time. A living room or a bedroom is likely to be investigated first. No one canceled banks so a bank is 100$ safe place to keep your valuables.”

I was impressed by this interview and realized that burglars also have fears. I am very thankful to Jimmy Jackson for this conversation and hope that it will be useful for readers.