Best Ways to Protect Your House From Pests in 2021



Bugs are annoying – that’s something that most people can agree on.

Not only do they create unsanitary conditions, but some of them (such as cockroaches, mosquitos, or ticks) can carry diseases that affect both humans and animals.

Since we understand how inconvenient a sudden bug invasion can be, we decided to share with you what we consider to be the best tips to protect your Las Vegas property against them.

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By implementing them into your daily life, you might be able to avoid having to use the services of pest exterminators in Las Vegas.

So, let’s just get started.

Seal Your Doors

If you don’t want to deal with pests inside your home, you need to make sure that they will not be able to enter it.

Check places like pipes, windows, chimneys, and vents for trouble spots or any damages, as those are the most common ways in which the pests sneak through.

Seal your door by installing an unyielding steel or aluminum doorstep, to make sure that the little creatures won’t make their way into your house by entering under the door.

What’s more, you should also add a door sweep (preferably a nylon one instead of neoprene or vinyl one) – this will help you cover the gap between the door and the threshold.

Last but not least, install a door-seal kit or weatherstripping to the frame to prevent the bugs from entering your home from the top or along the sides of the door.

Repair Any Cracks and Gaps

Once you have sealed your door, it’s time to look for cracks and gaps in other parts of your house – you will be surprised at how many of them go unnoticed.

Unfortunately, they serve as an easy way in for pests, which is why everything that needs to be repaired has to be taken care of.

When looking for damage to the exterior of your house, pay close attention to those things:

  • missing roof tiles or shingles
  • loose siding
  • foundation cracks
  • cracks and gaps around utility lines such as cable wiring

Keep Your Home Clean and Tidy At All Times

Pests love clutter and mess – you can even say that they gravitate toward it. They don’t like clean spaces, and even if they do somehow enter your house, they are unlikely to breed or live in clean conditions.

This is exactly why you should keep your house clean and tidy at all times.

Make sure that you don’t leave any crumbs in the kitchen and that you vacuum the whole house once or twice a week.

Declutter your house from stacks of boxes, bags, or magazines, as those are an ideal environment for bugs to settle.

Another place that you should keep clean, but people often tend to forget about, are the foundations.

Remember – always keep them dry, as wet spots are heaven for bugs such as fleas, termites, and ants. Additionally, you should also keep the foundations clean from mulch, grass, leaves, or wood.

Store and Handle the Litter Properly

Make sure that every trash can in your house is properly covered – if you have a regular trash can, consider changing it to a bin with a tight-fitting lid.

When it comes to the outside, it’s best to choose trash cans with self-closing lids, as everyone can forget to close the lid – unfortunately, that creates a perfect opportunity for bugs to invade it, especially if it was open for a while.

What’s more, you should also keep your deck, garage, patio, and yard free of litter and weeds – clean them regularly to avoid any debris or spills that might serve as nourishment for bugs.

Here are some other tips that might be helpful in preventing the bugs from gravitating towards your trash:

  • clean and sanitize your bins regularly, both the interior and the exterior
  • empty your trash every night
  • store the recyclables outside
  • if you have compost bins, make sure that they are covered with a secure lid and lined with a hardware cloth
  • remove the compost materials every three months

The Bottom Line

Bugs are everywhere – there probably isn’t a single place on the planet that doesn’t have them (even Arctica and Antarctica have their own types of bugs that can be found only there).

However, while you cannot avoid seeing them, you can prevent them from becoming permanent residents of your property – the tips we have listed above will help you with that.

If you have tried everything, but somehow the bugs still found their way into your house and don’t want to leave, you might need to call for help – pest control services, to be precise.

No matter how big of a problem the bugs create, it can be resolved once a professional is involved. Good luck!

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