How to Make Your Safe Room Comfortable

secure safe room

secure safe room

Having a safe room in your house provides you a place to go in the event of a home intruder or in the event of a natural disaster.

You probably won’t be spending an extended amount of time in a safe room in the event of a home intruder, but you could find yourself spending several hours or days if a natural disaster strikes.

Having a few items in your safe room can help keep you more comfortable if you ever find yourself down there for an extended amount of time.

Add entertainment options

If you’re going to spend several days in a safe room, you’re going to want something to do besides stare at the walls.

Add a few entertainment options to help pass the time.

A charged portable DVD player with several DVDs can be used without electricity.

Other ideas include several books, board games, and a pack of cards.

If there are kids in your family, make sure to include items for them so they don’t complain about being bored.

Coloring books are a good option. You could also keep some new toys that they’ve never seen before.

Find a way to sleep

At some point during an extended stay in a safe room, you’re going to need to get some sleep.

Most people keep cots or sleeping bags in their safe room, but these aren’t very cozy.

One option is a sofa. If you get a new living room sofa, consider recycling the old one to the safe room.

Another option is an old mattress.

Whenever you get a new mattress, move the old one to the safe room and make it more comfortable with one of the mattress pads found on and you’ll have a comfy sleeping space.

Don’t forget blankets

If your safe room is in a basement, it could get damp and chilly, especially if you lose electricity as a result of the natural disaster.

Make sure to keep some blankets down there. You’ll want enough blankets for everyone in the family.

Not only can you use these while sleeping, but they also provide a way to stay warm without heat.

Look for wool or fleece blankets. These materials will keep you warmer than a cotton blanket.

Down comforters are another nice addition and provide the opportunity to layer blankets.

Also, don’t forget a few pillows!

Keep a change of clothes

While a change of clothes isn’t essential, it can help keep you comfortable if you spend several days in the room.

Have a change of clothes for every member of the family.

Since you’re going to be spending a lot of time sitting or lying around, you might want to consider comfortable clothes, such as sweatpants.

If you have kids, regularly switch out the clothing to their correct size.

If you stocked the room with clothes when they were a toddler, but don’t use the room until they’re a tween, those 2t sweatpants won’t be useful.

Store some snacks

To keep yourself nourished during your time in the safe room, you’re going to want to have some high-protein snacks available and some water.

Since you’re not going to be regularly using your safe room, you want food that can be stored for long periods of time without going bad.

Don’t store something like cereal, which could go stale before you use it.

Instead, look for foods such as jerky and canned tuna.

Canned vegetables are also good—not only can you get nutrition from the veggies, you can use the liquid inside as a way to stay hydrated if needed.

Decor with personal touches

Adding a few personal touches to the room can help keep it from seeming gloomy.

While you don’t need to go overboard, consider adding a few photographs of your family or some artwork that you like.

You can also paint the walls your favorite color or add a throw rug.

Ambiance lighting can also help.

Spending several days with no natural lighting and only harsh overhead lighting can be a bit much.

Instead, add a few table lights or string lights to the room.

When the overhead light gets too bright, turn it off and enjoy the gentle glow of a table light instead.

Final thoughts

If your safe room is currently a grey, gloomy concrete room, start taking the necessary steps to make it more comfortable.

While many homeowners never end up needing to use their safe room, keeping it prepped and ready for a disaster is always a good idea.

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