Nerf Gun Holder

Nerf Gun Holder


If you think Nerf shooting is a game for children, think again. This toy has evolved from a simple soft dart gun into a complex tactical competition sport. Just check out these holster designs, all aimed for securing and providing quick release solutions and come in materials that can be more expensive the gun itself.

The NERF gun holder is essentially a gun holster adapted for NERF dimensions, and all the holder and holster types are cross-overs from real gun holster designs. In this review, I will present to you the different holster types and their NERF compatibility.

Now back to the children, yes, there are some wonderful Nerf holders and holsters for children too, some are original products that come with the toy, others are homemade, which I will present to you separately. Now let’s get down to holders and holsters.

Nerf Gun Holder Reviews:

The Belt Holster

This is a standard gun holster design; there are three options for belt holsters, the paddle, the pancake and the hybrid type. The pancake-type is your popular holster with two slits in the main body that the belt slides through. Obviously, this will attach the holster rigidly to your belt, and you will need to adjust it before running off to battle. Some belt holsters will come with a leg strap to secure them to the thigh so that the holster will not flap about when running or maneuvering.

The paddle type uses a paddle like a hook that slips over the belt, this is less tightly connected to your waist and can fall off, but is a fast and easy solution for waist located holsters. This will be easier for children to manage, however, due to their activity levels, these tend to fall off faster causing some annoyance. To overcome this, you might consider the loop style holder for the waist, which is a hybrid of the slit and paddle. The loop holder is a dangle down holder that the belt can slot through, and this will give your holster more maneuverability.

Nerf Gun Holder

Waist Pouches

Some children might even want a specialized pouch or even plastic seaside bucket attached to a belt or rope, for the extra baggage room, anything goes with hip holders.

Inside the Waistband Holster (IWB)

These are for stealth operations and sit snugly within your pants, attached at the waistband using the paddle attachment style. You clip this on, and since it is firmly attached to your mid waist, it will not fall off as fast as the paddle slung holster.

These holders are too tight and concealed for larger guns, so consider that this is a small gun holder only, or your child might look like a one-legged pirate the way he/she hobbles along with that rifle stuck down the inside of his/her pants.

Pocket Holster

For smaller gun sizes you should consider the pocket holster, which is an attachment that sits in your pocket, adjusting the gun so you can draw it easily. This is a great option if you wear a jacket while playing and want to have somewhere easy to carry both your gun, your gum and your ammo.

Shoulder Holster

Drum roll and trumpets for the professional hitman. Shoulder holsters are great for looking great while playing. They add that professional touch and Children love them. This is a great accessory especially if you have decided to go all Deadpool on the scene. The fun thing with shoulder holsters is that you can even sling a big gun holder as well as a pistol holster.

A shoulder holster uses loops and straps in order to keep your firearm at your side. Shoulder holsters are great if you want the weight of the gun distributed to your upper body. People with back problems prefer these holsters because of this fact. Shoulder holsters can be worn instantly which greatly increases response time. A person who hears a possible home invasion or burglary can just wear the shoulder holster with the gun and be instantly prepared for the attacker.

Nerf Gun Holder

Fanny Pack

This is a classic for all gun types; a smaller fanny pack can hold the gun and some ammo. The bigger ones can hold the gun, ammo, a can of coke, some gum and whatever your child has decided is relevant to enjoying the game. For adults, a fanny pack is more of an ammo holder than a gun holder, but it’s an accessory that should not be overlooked.

Ankle Holster

Yes, we have those as well. Even in Nerf wars, you get the clever ones with holsters all over their body, holding extra ammo as well as small guns for that quick last-minute shot. Don’t discount a good ankle holster, it’s tight, it’s convenient, and it looks good, even when wearing shorts.

Utility Vest

The utility vest comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes; this is a nerf fun holder par excellence since it also great ammo and accessory holder as well as a color code for team games. Utility vests come in all forms and sizes and are suitable for children and adults. Adults enjoy a wider variety of options and materials, and these vests are usually standard utility vests. There are also specially fabricated Nerf utility vests which can resemble strap on kit.

General Holders/Bags

These are bags or specialized Nerf holders designed to be slung over the shoulder and used for larger Nerf gun kits, such as the Nerf Rival Phantom Pouch. You can actually take any bag and convert it for Nerf use, all you need to consider is body application, how do you carry the bag around hands-free?

How to Build your own Nerf Gun Holder

If you are into fun and creativity, then sometimes a home-made accessory is all you need to lower the cost of the game and heighten the value of the enjoyment. If you want to be creative, get your children to help and start to make your own Nerf gun holder. Here is a basic stepwise Nerf gun holder process for you to create your own home-made design.

What you will need:

Tools and Materials:

  • Scissors (and Knife – parents only)
  • Thick cardboard
  • Marking Pen
  • Straight Edge Ruler
  • Masking Tape
  • Coloring Pens

Step 1: Measuring and Marking

Make sure you have a clean flat surface.

  1. Place the cardboard on the surface and place your Nerf gun on the cardboard.
  2. Use a straight edge ruler and mark a horizontal rectangle around the gun.
  3. Now rotate your gun 90o and mark a vertical rectangle around the gun.
  4. You will now have a cross marked on your cardboard.
  5. Now mark another rectangle, so you have two distinct rectangles.
  6. Mark one of the two rectangles with two slits for your belt. This will also set the direction and the top for your holster.

Step 2: Cutting and Folding

  1. Take the scissors and cut out the two shapes.
  2. Fold the cross-side shapes 90o
  3. Measure the fold
  4. Fold the bottom of each rectangle equal to the measured fold.
  5. At the top end of your holder, either with scissors or a knife (parents only) cut out the slits.

Step 3: Holding, Folding, and Taping

Taking a small piece of the duct tape and stick the rectangle to the side folds.

Now using the duct tape (like a roller) wrap it around the joined parts until they are rigidly fixed.

Fold the bottom folds and duct tape them horizontally and vertically.

Step 4: Decorating

Now its time to get even more creative and color up this holster for action.



Nerf gun holders are an important part of the game and can give you an added advantage over a less accessorized opponent. Also, when children are playing, they tend to love those extra’s, just like adults do. In fact, kids like them more for their show-off performance than their utility.

Prices vary for different levels and qualities of materials as well as brand names. I don’t suggest you buy the most expensive holders or holsters, and do let your children get creative, it adds to the “McGyverness” of the whole experience and teaches them to understand the process of preparation and creativity in the field. After all, if you built something you know how it works and can fix it if it gets damaged.

One final word about preparing holders for children, some children are harder to please then others. Consider the environment your child is playing with, do the other children have home made or are they bought? Before you do get creative, make sure your child will enjoy the end result and not become frustrated with the standard “my holder is better than yours”.

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