5 Organization Tips to Improve Productivity and Morale in Your Office



Never has working life been affected on a global scale for so many as it has been in the last year.

In between people feeling like the main characters in their very own version of Groundhog Day, to things constantly changing due to updates in company policy, two things, in particular, can easily be affected. 

Worker morale and productivity. A recent study has shown that they are intrinsically linked, with happy workers proving to be 13% more productive

But did you know that a few small changes in your working environment and habits could make all the difference? 

Check out our office tips to learn what changes you can make today to turn that frown upside down. 

A Little Help From My Friends 

As was penned by poet 17th century John Donne, no man is an island.

We are social creatures by nature, therefore if we are feeling down in the dumps at work it pays to take advantage of the help and association provided by others. 

Making yourself open to conversation at the office can help build valuable bridges that may come in handy further down the line. So don’t underestimate those conversations had while making coffee or at the water cooler, they’re more important than you may think.

For this reason, those in senior positions should concern themselves with creating environments to make this easy for employees.

With the challenge of mass remote working, this may be more difficult than ever, but virtual team building sessions mean that it isn’t impossible to foster a vibrant environment at home. It may be needed now more than ever. 

Upgrade Your Office


The biggest change to our working habits over the last year has been to our direct surroundings.

Whether you are working remotely or bouncing between the office and home, having your workspace conducive to getting the best out of you can go a long way in helping you or your staff’s productivity.    

If you are the one making decisions about this for your company start with reviewing how efficient your workspace is right now. Be sure to include your staff in this as they already know what works and what doesn’t. 

For those at home, productivity is greatly boosted when you have a clear space fit for purpose. While slogging it out on the sofa may have been suitable in the first lockdown but having a set place gets your mind in the gear and if you live with others signals that you mean business.

Clear Desk, a Clear Mind 


We are more than often than not a product of our surroundings. Therefore, if you are stuck in a rut, it pays to have a look around your space to see if it could be the reason for your drop in productivity. 

A good declutter and storing belonging where they go may be just what the doctor ordered. Having a busy desk (or desktop) can lead to frustration as you try your best to find that file or document among piles of paper, coffee mugs, or family trinkets. 

Try to set aside time each week to make use of some office organization tips and tricks. Get rid of unnecessary things in your workspace and move and store files, or delete the ones that take up space on your computer screen.

Remember, if you are resistant for any sentimental reasons to bin something at your office, it probably deserves to go home with you or have a more prominent place in your house. 

Decluttering is proven to help clear your mind, help with decision making and reduce anxiety. With this being the case this is one of our office tips that we encourage you to begin with today!

Take a Break 

Have you ever found yourself looking at your screen and it feeling like your brain cannot compute a single word of what you have just written?

If you have you are not alone. However, if you ever find yourself feeling this way don’t make the mistake of not taking the hint. 

Being able to disconnect from your activity allows gives your brain a rest and your body a chance to move, both of which reduce stress and make work more enjoyable on the whole.   

Apart from micro-breaks, another one of our office tips is to not get into the habit of just running errands during your precious lunch hour. Doing so means you’ve gone from professional to personal admin, leading to a constant cycle of working. 

Try meeting up with or calling a friend, take a walk, watch an episode of that show you love or, entertain yourself by listening to a podcast. By the time you get back in your seat, knowing that you have refreshed yourself will give you the drive to get on with whatever it is you need to get done. 

Bring Nature in 


It is impossible not to smile if you finally feel the warm sun on your skin after a long day at work. But that connection of being drawn to nature be it the sun or to be surrounded by luscious green foliage has a name. Biophilia. 

Taking advantage of incorporating biophilic design in your office can have major benefits for all of us.

Natural light boosts melatonin in our bodies and as a result our energy levels and productivity. Additionally, putting plants in our working environment improves air quality.  

So try to beautify those office cubicles and partitions or your spare room by being conscious of allowing in natural light and bringing nature in. Even a humble house plant can do wonders for your productivity and happiness

Our Office Tips Will Make a Difference

It is said that you will spend a third of your life at work. If that’s the case, how important it is to ensure that you enjoy it! 

We hope that reading our office tips on improving your productivity and morale can help you do just that.

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