The Only Packing and Moving Supply List You’ll Ever Need



Did you know that around 40 million Americans move every year? If you are going to be part of this statistic in the near future, you are in the right place. We know that moving can be overwhelming so we are here to share this moving supply list to make your move a bit less stressful.

Keep reading to learn what supplies you want to gather as soon as possible.

1. Cardboard Boxes

In order to pack everything up to move from one home to the other, you will want to have a ton of cardboard boxes. Most homes need at least 60 boxes to comfortably fit all of their belongings.

You can ask for boxes at your local supermarket or you can buy new boxes from places such as U-Haul or UPS. The key is to have strong, clean, and dry boxes.

Keep in mind that if you hire a professional moving company such as Inner City Moving & Storage Company, they usually will provide the boxes for you as part of their moving services. This will give you peace of mind that the boxes you are bringing to your new home do not have any unwelcomed guests.

2. Bubble Wrap

For any fragile items or glassware from your kitchen, you want to have enough bubble wrap on hand to ensure that nothing breaks. You can also use pieces of extra bubble wrap to fill empty spaces in boxes to prevent the items from shifting.

Even though bubble wrap can be a bit on the expensive side, you do not want to skimp on it. Trust us – finding most of your items broken once you move won’t be a great feeling.

3. Packing Paper

Besides bubble wrap, you want to have packing paper on hand. You will probably use more packing paper than bubble wrap to protect your belongings. Packing paper is great because it is super versatile and you can use it to wrap belongings of any shape and size.

Try to use soft, white, print-free packing paper as the first layer of protection for your belongings. This paper can also be used to fill up gaps inside your boxes or containers to prevent items from breaking.

4. Packing Tape


You do not want to forget the tape to seal all of the boxes that you will be filling up with your belongings. The packing tape can also help reinforce the bottom of used boxes to make sure that they do not open up during your move.

Packing tape will also come in handy when securing bundles of wrapping paper or bundles of bubble wrap. The tape is not something you want to skimp on, buy high-quality tape that won’t break easily.

Ready to Gather Your Moving Supply List Items?

Now that you have the moving supply list above, you can start gathering all of your items to get ready for your move. Don’t forget to label your boxes to make moving day easier, and last but not least, try to enjoy the journey to your new home!

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