Why Solar Generators are the Best Option for Emergency Backup Power

House lighted by solar generator

House lighted by solar generator

We are so used to having electricity that if power suddenly shuts down, we may feel like our life is put to a halt. We have come to an age where it is almost impossible to continue doing tasks on our routine without electricity. This not only applies to our personal activities, this also applies to work and other things that we do to make a living.

So when power-outs ruin or interrupt your productivity, it is definitely a good idea to proactively prepare an emergency back-up power option in case a power outage happens. Of course, the most common method to do this would be to purchase a generator. A generator, by its name, generates electricity to supply other appliances and systems.

In the old times, generators were solely powered by gas. This is a stable, consistent and reliable type. However, this proves to be a bit expensive when used for a long time and when used to supply huge amounts of electricity. Fast forward to today, people now have the choice to go for solar generators.

A solar powered generator acts the same way as an electrical generator. The only difference would be that it is powered by solar energy or energy that is emitted from the sun. Now you may be wondering, why should you go for this instead of the traditional electrical generator? Here are the reasons why, read on to know more about it.

Reasons to Get Solar Generators for Emergency Backup Power

Definitely Affordable

When we speak of affordability, we are not talking about the price of the unit itself. Purchasing one will definitely be a good amount of investment, but the benefits you reap after the purchase is what really matters. As you use solar generators, you will not be concerned about fuel costs anymore.

If you experience frequent power outages in a month then there is a higher chance that your electric bills will be shooting higher than normal. Shifting to a solar powered generator saves you more money because it does not require fuel to operate. As long as the sun is shining, you can be guaranteed of generated energy during power-outs.

If you are worried as to whether it is able to give you clean emergency backup power for you, the answer is yes. In fact, you also get to choose among wattage capacities and price ranges that will suit your budget. So, do not be threatened by the price you have to pay for setting it up because savings will come right after you buy it.

Known for Its Portability

We all want something that offers the most convenience for us. Solar-powered generators come in two kinds. One kind is the one we install permanently outside or inside the premise, while the other is the kind that is portable. Since it is portable, this means that this can be carried or transported easily.

This is the kind of solar generator that is used on boats, trailers and caravans in case there is no utility power supply on hand. It is the best pick for emergencies and disasters because it comes very handy. These are available in varied sizes, so you can pick one that suits your preference.

No matter what size, it is capable of generating up to 100 watts of electricity to power up televisions, laptops, phones, radios, light bulbs and more.

A Safer Choice

If you have kids or hazards in your house or building, getting a solar-powered generator is ideal. This is because these do not exhaust fumes when operating, it does not even need fuel to start. This is a safer bet for those who constantly need electricity during power-outs over gas-powered generators that have the risk of causing fire especially when enclosed in a small room.

Easy to Install

If the only thing holding you back from getting one is the worry of not being able to install it properly, then better think again. Solar-powered generators are very easy to install because most of the time, the units already come together. This leaves you with the easy task of running the cords and plugs, and mounting the panels.

These features of solar generators make it ideal for remote places as you can always carry it there and install them yourself. It also works great for hiking and camping trips. However, in case you experience difficulty in installing it or if you are too busy to set it up, you can always ask for assistance from your dealer.

No Need to Worry About Noise

If you have seen propane and gas generators, then you have also noticed the loud noise it produces whenever it is turned on. What makes solar-powered generators better than most gas generators is that it does not produce loud noises when it runs. So you can still enjoy your moments in peace even when it is running in the background.

Renewable Energy

If you take a look at how gas generators work, they just convert the fuel to electrical energy. Meaning, the more energy supply you need and produce, the more fuel you have to give the machine. When you have no more fuel, the machine stops giving you electricity too.

This makes solar generators better as by simply charging them under the sun, they store electrical energy that is available for use anytime. The energy is renewable and does not need fuel to operate. This means you get to save on money while still getting the amount of energy you need during power outages.


Mentioned above are just some of the few reasons why it is always good to have solar-powered generators ready for emergency backup power. Apart from those, it is good to know that solar generators are very eco-friendly and safe. Unlike gas generators, these do not produce emissions that may harm the environment and act as a hazard for everyone in the area. These devices produce continuous energy, as long as it gets exposed to sunlight, it continues to convert it to stored electricity. This requires low-maintenance too.

We have outlined some of the advantages you get from solar-powered generators over gas generators. While it is true that these are definitely good, it is always wise to decide on which type to get by the means of your need and preferences. If you feel that you need most of those that are enumerated above, then it says a lot about what you need to do. Go for a solar-powered generator for all your emergency backup power needs.

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