9 DIY Sweater Storage Ideas to Keep Your Closet Clutter-Free This spring



No one likes a messy closet, and closets tend to get super messy as the winter ends – at least more so than usual.

Carelessly putting away your woolens for the season isn’t a great idea. They stretch easily and tend to get attacked by moths and other pests, both of which permanently damage the sweaters.

Don’t worry, though – your woolens won’t meet the same fate!

In this post, I will take you through nine of the best sweater storage ideas – and I promise to keep spending to the minimal and DIYing to the max!

1. Using A Hanger (The Right Way)

There’s a good reason why using a hanger to store sweaters for long periods is discouraged: gravity!

If you hang it by the shoulders, the weight of the sweater will cause it to stretch. If you hang it through the crossbar, the sweater’s weight will again cause distortion.

Thankfully, author, blogger, and YouTube mom Joni Hilton knows a trick that defies gravity. She folds the sweater in half, hangs it through the crossbar, pulls the collar open, and doubles her fold.

Couple her trick with Buzzfeed’s S-hook and chain hack, and your closet will be clutter-free for the rest of the year!

2. Using A DIY Hanging Closet Organizer

Sure, you can buy a hanging closet organizer for your closet, but I did make you a promise earlier.

Amanda’s DIY works out cheaper than an organizer you’d find at a store, and it’s also a lot sturdier.

$7 flat and 20 minutes of her time is all it took to make a sturdy closet organizer using crates from the Dollar Store.

It’s elementary: stack the crates on top of each other with the openings facing the same way, and zip tie them to make a tower. Zip tie two coat hangers to the sides of the topmost crate, and it’s ready to use!

You can use the different crates to organize your sweaters according to color!


Amanda walks us through how she made her DIY organizer on her blog A.J.’s Arts.

3. Using Old Luggage Bags

After I saw how Ashu from the Simplify Your Space YouTube channel puts her sweaters away for the season, I wondered why I hadn’t thought of it before.

Luggage bags get their own spot in the house, and leaving them empty is not efficient.

Ashu lines an old bag with a cotton bedsheet that no longer used around the household, and places all of the sweaters in it.

The hard external shell of the luggage bag makes for additional protection from pests.

She also throws some mothballs in the bag, which is fine to do if you’re going to wash them before you wear them the next time.

4. Using DIY Cabinets

Although Babble makes the DIY cabinet for use as a daily clothing organizer, you can use the same technique to build a storage solution for off-season clothing.

The paper used to line the exterior of the plastic drawer protects your lighter colored sweaters from turning yellow over time – which is an unexpected benefit of Babble’s DIY.

Also, since the shelf allows for air circulation, it prevents moisture accumulation, virtually guaranteeing your sweaters’ longevity.

5. Using A Breathable Cotton Storage Container

Many consider fabric storage containers the best way to store sweaters in the closet.

It is because they are breathable and often come with dividers, which helps organize clothes in the container better. You can find both: soft-bodied containers, and containers that are reinforced from the sides – both are equally good solutions.

If you’re using these containers, though, you must remember to put your heavy wool sweaters on the bottom. Putting the lighter sweaters on the bottom will cause them to get distorted from the weight of the others on top.


6. Vacuum Seal Bags

Vacuum seal bags check all the boxes: they tend to be cheap, reduce the storage space required by quite a bit, and protect the sweaters from pests, dust, and moisture.

Plus, you don’t have to worry about organizing your sweaters according to weight like you have to with luggage bags and storage containers.

Putting your sweaters in these and storing the bags away in an upper closet is a great way to free up space in your wardrobe.


7. DIY Closet Door Organizer

You can expand your closet’s storage by making an organizer for the closet’s door.

Rob & Courtney M. built a simple organizer out of pieces of common board, and while they use it to store their shoes, it also makes for the perfect spot to store your sweaters.

All you have to do is roll your sweaters and slip them in a plastic or zip lock bag, and slide it into the shelf.


Learn how Rob & Courtney M. made their DIY closet door organizer at the Hometalk blog.

8. Cardboard Box Under The Bed

The space under the bed is often thought to be useless.

But if you get your hands on a long, slim cardboard box, it can transform into the perfect spot to store off-season clothing. You can alternatively use a slim plastic container if you can find one, and if you have an attic, you can store it there, too.

Just make sure you throw in some silica gel to prevent moisture accumulation and clean and pest-proof the area. You want to keep mice out of your storage boxes since they could ruin your sweaters!


9. The Good Old Drawer Shelf

The shelf has been relied upon for generations to store off-season woolens.

It makes for good air circulation, protects from pests, and also allows proper organization. It’s the pinnacle of sweater storage ideas!

You can add boxes and pieces of cardboard to the drawers to make organization easier, and if you want to give it a more flashy look, an LED strip will do the trick.

In my view, if you have a shelf, you really don’t need to use the other hacks (provided there’s space in it).


And that concludes my list of the best sweater storage ideas. You now know how to organize sweaters the right way and can welcome the spring with a clutter-free closet!

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