Thunder Tactical: AR-15 Parts Review

Thunder Tactical full review

Thunder Tactical full review

Thunder Tactical is an online ecommerce store selling all sorts of AR 15 parts, servicing law enforcement agencies, military personnel, competitive shooters, hunters and gun enthusiasts.  Those who just want to use top notch parts and accessories feature on this list as well, with customized upgrades for their AR 15 platforms.

Thunder Tactical has been serving the AR community since 2014. They have worked hard to prioritize customer satisfaction by perfecting their product and allowing online buyers to make purchases at low prices.

While they have changed their website platform twice, they have developed a site that is more convenient to online users and creates a joyful experience while shopping for AR 15 products. Inventory supplied by Thunder Tactical is not limited to just gun parts, either: they also have a variety of different products on sale.

In short: TT is a one-stop-shop for all your AR 15 needs. With their low prices, top notch products, and amazing customer service, it will be a challenge to find another online shop to fulfill your rifle needs.

What is Thunder Tactical’s Mission? 

Thunder Tactical’s main mission is to provide online users with the best products and amazing customer service to deliver the best value you could ask for.

They Do Not Sell Products They Wouldn’t Use Themselves 

With as large of an inventory as TT has, they have the best quality components as well. And this is all because of continuous quality testing, implemented every week, to ensure quality control is enforced as they sell their products online. This company has a deep understanding of rifle responsibility and that, someday, your life may depend on your weapon. For them, a deficiency in one of their components is not an option. This is taken extremely seriously, and Thunder Tactical rejects many products that do not meet these precise quality standards. They also do not sell a single accessory they wouldn’t personally use, which is why many of the gun enthusiasts working at Thunder Tactical also own all of their parts.

#1 Customer Services Everyone Loves

One thing you’re going to love about Thunder Tactical is their customer service. And, honestly, this is the reason why so many online shoppers choose to come right back to them. Their team of professionals constantly strives to create the best customer experience. Their staff is comprised of a team of experts with deep technical knowledge and, more importantly, an understanding of the customer’s needs and wants. They know their business like you know your own self, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy your experience while their team helps you through your process. Their shipping is pretty fast and convenient, they understand the convenience of faster delivery, and always do their best to come through for you.

As far as billing goes, they accept most credit cards and website is maintained by top level outdoor sports marketing experts, guaranteeing the security of your financial data. The e-commerce platform itself provides the online user with a hassle-free shopping experience and it is very unlikely that someone leaves this website unsatisfied.

The sheer number of AR 15 reviews for their parts is part of the reason why they are so well known for their customer service. So many of their clients have left glowing reviews across multiple online platforms, all available for you to see anywhere online.

Why Should You Buy from Thunder Tactical?

As a hard working civilian, there is a ton of responsibilities you carry with your hard earned money. After you have paid your everyday bills and fed yourself and your family, there is not much that is left to spend on other desires. Your dollars can only go so far, so it makes sense that you would want the best value your money can buy.

At Thunder Tactical, our mission is simple: to provide our customers with the best products available anywhere on the market, and to do it with great prices. Some companies may stop at discounts and pricing, which is fine for them, but that’s only halfway for us. Shopping with Thunder Tactical means better customer service, as well, from gun enthusiasts just like you. This only drives value, and we’re excited to bring it to you.

High Quality, Innovation & Value

Let’s face it: it would take you hours and days to go through all of the products currently on the market, just to find the one that gives you the value you are looking for. Whether you’re building an AR 15 from the ground up or customizing your own rifle, Thunder Tactical has simplified this process so you don’t have to waste your time and money on research. They carry parts and accessories created by real craftmasters who specialize in quality materials.

You may not be able to find some trendy type products there, but you will find the parts you need. Parts that do what they are supposed to do. Thunder Tactical has been #1 for some time, acknowledged in the industry for having the best AR 15 kits and 80 Lowers. They also have fantastic handguards and rails, upper receivers, and AR 9 pistol kits.


Thunder Tactical always has some amazing promotions going on, whether it be weekly, monthly or on various holidays. This company also has a tremendous amount of respect for Law Enforcement and Military personnel, with exclusive promotions to help support these brothers and sisters.

They Serve the People

No matter what, Thunder Tactical truly cares. They have your back ’til the end. It’s not just about the sales they bring on a daily basis, or about their parts, but the people they serve. That is what they prioritize, and they stand by that belief. It’s their mission to put the best value in the customer’s hands. Their mission is more than just a quest for that almighty dollar: they truly give you the best experience you can have when buying from their online store. Thunder Tactical’s team is here to help, every step of the way.

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