7 Best Tool Storage Ideas to Transform Your Garage and Yard



Studies have proven that being organized makes us less stressed and can reduce anxiety, and let’s be honest, we could all use a little stress reduction! Keeping a tidy home is just one component of an organized life though.

Organization should not stop inside the home. That is why we have put together a list of the top 7 tool storage ideas to keep your garage and yard neatly organized and ready for the seasons. These brilliant tips are perfect for creating a functional space that will make you eager to start new projects!

Let’s take a look at these awesome storage hacks today!

1. Satellite Storage Unit

When it comes to the garage it can be a haven for excessive items from around the yard and home. From holiday decor to yard tools the build-up often leaves little or no room for your car.

Utilizing satellite storage is a perfect way to take back your garage! A well-placed storage shed can become the new home for your tools which will free up space in your garage for other storage and your car. Consider consulting a metal building specialist to choose the perfect storage unit for your needs.

Once your unit is set up, create storage shelves and cubbies to keep items neatly organized and off of the ground. Using the walls for storage will allow you to store ample items in the unit.

2. Pegboard Wall Organizer

Pegboard is a great way to take advantage of vertical storage in your garage. Hang pegboard on an open wall in your garage and use it to organize your tools and more.

Using the pegboard will get your tools at eye level for easy access and it will keep clutter off of the garage floor. Use pegboard hangers and hooks to secure your items and ensure they do not fall off of the pegboard. Another option is to create a portable pegboard organizer.

Create a four-sized pegboard box on wheels for easy portability and organization. The mobile unit will make tackling projects around the house more convenient than ever.

3. Drill Bit Organizer

Keeping drill bits organized can seem like a never-ending task, and they always seem to get lost. There are options for keeping them organized that work though!

The first option is a wooden drill bit holder. The rack neatly organizes the bits from smallest to largest and has the correlating size holes that the bit will create displayed beneath the bit. You can easily mount this option on the wall or leave it freestaning on a worktable or countertop in your garage or storage unit.

The second option is a magnetic drill bit organizer. This option can be mounted on a work desk or the wall as well. The powerful magnetic strip will quickly grasp hold of your drill bits making clean-up and organizing a breeze. Consider keeping the organizer near your drills for easy access to the bits you will need.

4. Clear Storage Bins

When it comes to garage storage accessibly is key. Using clear storage bins will help you easily identify the contents of the storage bins and save you valuable time. Small parts such as various screws, wingnuts, bolts, etc. can be easily organized with a clear plastic countertop storage container.

Get items off of the floor buy creating shelving for your clear bins. For added organization clearly label the face of your storage bins to identify the contents of the container even faster!

5. Portable Yard Tool Organizer

Consider a portable yard tool organizer to keep you from running back and forth between your garage and your yard. This style of organizer will keep your rakes, shovels, hoes, long ropes, etc. stored in a vertical position to easily access whatever tool you need.

The wheels will make pulling the tools alongside you simple and convenient. The compact design will free up space in your garage by neatly organizing all of your yard tools in a central location.

6. Hand Tool Carousel

When working on projects in your garage you need quick and easy access to a variety of tools. Having a hand tool carousel is a convenient way to keep all of your highly used tools in a central location.

The spinning design of the storage unit will make it easy to find and use the tools that you are looking for. Also, the unique design of a hand tool carousel will save your worktop counter space which will keep your workspace open and ready for any project!

7. DIY Storage Cabinet

Consider using scrap plywood and wood pieces in your garage to create a DIY storage cabinet. This inexpensive project will create cubbies for your tools or your storage items like holiday decor or camping equipment.

Cabinet storage is another great way to utilize vertical storage while freeing up floor space. Consider adding wheels to the bottom of your storage cabinet to make moving it around the garage simple and convenient.

The Best Tool Storage Ideas

These tool storage ideas will help you take back your garage! The newly organized space will make finding and using your tools easier than ever. These clever organization ideas will help you get the motivation you need to start and finish your projects like a pro.

It is no secret…proper storage is the key to maintaining an organized space. If you are interested in learning more about keeping your items safe, secure, and properly stored then check out the rest of our site today!

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