Different Types of Air Conditioning Systems – Which One Best For Your Home?



Summer is the hottest season of the year. Homeowners purchase a new air conditioner or replace the old one. For a first-timer, choosing the best air conditioning system can be challenging. When you go to the store, you will get overwhelmed by the different air conditioners in the market.

In this blog post, we look at types of air conditioning systems and how to choose the best for your home:

Window Air Conditioners

Window air conditioners are the most common ACs. You see them on the windows of homes as you walk down the street. Best suited for cooling small rooms since it cools one room at a time.

It’s referred to as self-contained since all components such as condensers are found on the inside. If you have many spaces you want to be cooled, you might have to purchase more than one of these.


  • They are affordable and most convenient for small-sized homes or apartments with no doors.
  • The other best thing about a window air conditioner is it can be relocated from one window to the next or from the window to storage during winter.


  • Once placed on the window, you will no longer get natural lighting and fresh air from the window.
  • Those mounted close to the ground are at the risk of being stolen.

Central Air Conditioners

According to Anthem air conditioning, Central air conditioners are best suited for large homes and apartments. They can cool several rooms at once.

Most of these systems are placed outside the building. Cold air is brought into the building, and the warm taken out through ducts connected to the building from outside.


  • Since they are on the outside, there is no noise disturbance.
  • They are huge; therefore, they are the best choice for large homes.
  • In terms of temperature, they maintain the same level throughout the year.


  • Central air conditioners are complex to install; therefore, you will have to work with professionals.
  • Compared to window air conditioners, they are expensive and consume a lot of energy.
  • They require constant cleaning of the duct to prevent the build-up of dust and mold.

Portable air conditioners


They are similar to window air conditioners since they are also self-contained. In case the apartment you live in doesn’t allow the installation of a window air conditioner, then a portable air conditioner is a solution for you.

These systems operate by getting rid of hot air through an exhaust hose. The exhaust host then takes advantage of open windows to take it out, after which it gets replaced with cooler air.

Over summer, most people wish they had portable air conditioners they can carry around. The only problem is there are pros and cons to such conditioners.


  • They have wheels; therefore, you can move them from one room to another.
  • Unlike other air conditioning systems, these systems don’t need a professional to install them since they can be placed in any part of the house.
  • Due to the advancement in technology, they are getting cheap by the day.
  • Since they don’t need installation, you can put them away when not in use.


  • They make a lot of noise if you hate noise you might have to look for less noisy air conditioning systems.
  • These systems are not suitable for larger rooms.
  • The lack of an outdoor unit makes them consume a lot of energy to bring in cold air into the house.

Through the Wall air conditioners

If you are a beginner, you might be confused by the similarity between through-the-wall and window air conditioners.

The only difference is the installation process, instead of mounting on the window, they are placed on the wall. You have to be careful with where it is installed through-the-wall air conditioners since the installation is permanent.

You can’t move them from one place to the next. A hole must be cut through the wall for them to get installed. Because of their weight, extra support is needed. The system has components that act as a barrier for water and air.


  • Unlike window air conditioners, these systems don’t prevent the widespread use or access to the window.
  • The cost of purchasing is cheap.


  • They consume a lot of energy and aren’t as effective as other systems.
  • Since the wall is cut for them to get installed, the process of removing them is tiresome. The hole left needs a lot of work for it to be fully covered.
  • Purchasing is cheap, but to install, you require to hire a professional.
  • They produce a lot of noise and are suitable for smaller rooms.

Ductless mini-split air conditioners


It is the latest innovation of air conditioners. Ductless mini-split systems are capable of cooling the house in summer and heating it in winter.

They don’t have a duct and can be installed in any part of the house from ceilings to the wall. Since it has an outdoor unit, you can use as many indoors as you want in the home.


  • They are the best option for small rooms since they are small in size.
  • Since you can install as many units as possible, you can use different temperatures for every room.
  • Since they don’t have ducts, you don’t have to worry about dust getting into your house.
  • They only require a small hole to install, unlike through the wall systems that require large ones cut through the wall.


  • They are expensive than most air conditioners.
  • People tend to hate the mini-split system since they are visible if you are the kind of person that hates that, then go for other options.

Final Thoughts

As seen above, there are different types of air conditioning systems available in the market. Most homeowners purchase them depending on the size of the house and their budget.

Also, consider the amount of energy consumed by a particular air conditioning system.

You want to work with a design that won’t make electricity bills go up. Also, ensure you look for the best producers by asking around or reading reviews.

Make your summer comfortable for your family and yourself by buying an air conditioning system that aligns with your needs.

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