Why You Should Own an AR-15

Why own an AR15?

Why own an AR15?

As proud AR-15 owners, we tend to take our fandom as a given fact. This is easily one of the most important weapons in the modern gun debate. It’s a robust, accessible firearm with a lot of customization options and a rich history of awesome builds.

But, to the man on the street, sizing up his first AR-15, maybe the reasons for investing in this rifle aren’t as obvious. Maybe there’s some room to brag about this powerful weapon and all the great uses you can get out of it.

Maybe that’s exactly what we’re going to do today. Join us as we break down five great reasons for you to own an AR-15, and get ready to fall in love with the single greatest rifle in the American gun narrative.

1. It’s Your Right and Civic Duty

Self defense is one of the most commonly cited advantages of owning a handgun or rifle. Whether inside of outside of your home or office space, a loaded gun in a holster and within reach is still the most effective way there is of preventing a crime.

But common criminals are far from the only threat out there. So the government is prohibited from violating your rights to maintain and bear arms. And that applies to upper and lower receivers, as well as other components. Because the threats to your personal security are always changing and, no matter what, you should always have the option to protect yourself from them.

2. It’s Versatile

As the years pass, new technologies will be introduced in the weapons industry. Weapons of every shape and size, perfect for their offensive or defensive capabilities. Not only that, but attacks are more likely to come from different angles in the coming years, as naval, air, and land weaponry becomes more varied.

As it stands, rifles are actually the most useful type of firearm for defensive applications, specifically for the three historical militia uses: repelling invasions, suppressing insurrections, and defeating tyranny.

Most of us will never have to worry about maritime invasions, because of our Navy, Coast Guard and Air Force, and illegal land entrances because of our Border Patrol. Insurrections, also not high on our list of things to worry about.

Which leaves tyranny as the most relevant of today’s potential threats. While we’re not at a point where leftists are a military threat to the rest of the country, yet, tyranny is always a potential threat if any opposing party gains too much power. And, even if it sounds unlikely, a functional, high-quality rifle and full access to upgrades & accessories could mean the difference between life and death.

3. It’s a Semi-Automatic Rifle

In the 1970s, disarmament activists failed to outright ban guns, along with Democratic politicians and supporters in the media. At this point, the name of the game became to publicly vilify semi-automatic rifles. The New York Times, Newsweek and anti-gun activists claimed that semi-automatic rifles were popular with “private societies”, “paramilitary extremists”, and other members of the so-called “extreme right.”

Of course, these claims convinced no one but people who were already fans of the far left. These anti-gunners even began publicly complaining that these rifles featured pistol grips (like every pistol in the last hundred years) and some had adjustable stock lengths. This second complaint is especially nonsensical, as rifles used in Olympic sports and precision-aiming sports all feature this kind of design.

The main benefit of a semi-automatic rifle over a manual operation rifle, where the loading mechanism needs to be reset between shots, is that you can hold a semi-automatic sighted on a target while reloading. You’ll be ready to aim your next shot, once the recoil settles. Most AR-15s use relatively light recoil ammunition, making them perfect for this kind of usage.

4. It’s the Most Modular Rifle in the History of the Industry

AR-15s can be completely configured for the two most practical purposes of firearms: fighting and hunting. That, or for competitions and informal practices. Certain versions feature a shorter rifle, carbine or cannon length. Others may be designed with an added focus on accuracy. And, still others, may emphasize durability over everything else. Fixed or adjustable length actions make for a more robust shooting experience, and are high on the list of things the Democrats don’t want you to have.

Specialized slings designed for AR-15s allow you to support the rifle by holding it across your front. Stabilize while aiming, switch between right and left-handed shots more efficiently, and secure your rifle to your side when transitioning to a handgun, or your back for both hands free for other work.

AR-15s feature some of the best iron sights in the business, as well as other gun parts. They can be easily outfitted with red dot and telescopic sights, and are right at home with night vision or thermal sights. They also often come equipped with robust hand guards for supporting flashlights, lasers, and infrareds infrared lasers for low light conditions.

AR-15s, barring the ones manufactured during the decade long federal ban on so-called “assault weapons” or those manufactured in Democratic states, have accessories for better firing. Some may mitigate recoil. Others might dissipate clouds of smoke or flashes that follow a rifle firing. Still others may do both.

5. A Lot of the Time, It’s 100% Possible to Fix Your Own AR-15

In a future where a Democrat candidate might win an election, a Democratic president could theoretically ban AR-15s for good. In that case, you’ll still be able to maintain your rifle with a few previously purchased parts, a little knowledge, and a few choice YouTube tutorials. And these parts are relatively inexpensive as well, allowing you to install, repair, and maintain without breaking the bank. There isn’t a firearm on the market, barring the Glock, that makes it easier for its owner to repair it, from your bolt carrier group to any of the high-quality upper receivers you might build with.

A weapons ban like this would obviously include a ban on magazines, as well, specifically ones that feature more than 10 rounds, you’d also want to stock up on these.

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