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Write For Us: Guest Post Guidelines for Feature Contributors

Looks like you are interest in writing for Secret Storages? No problem! I’m always looking for new writers who can reach to my readers with a good story. No matter, are you a blogger, or professional writer – everyone can have a word if you have something to say! Writing for Secret Storages is a great opportunity for you to share your story and demonstrate your writing skills. You can share your opinion, thoughts, guides, tutorials, and just a great story, and have it published on my blog! That’s the way you can become an influencer

What I’m Looking For:

Secret Storages is focused on self-reliance. The main thing for any article is that it must be entertaining. Also, it has to teach readers how to be more self-sufficient in any conditions and any place – travel, home, work. I want any article to bring a portion of useful information for my readers and be written around primary topics pointed below that all related to defense:

  1. Survival Skills;
  2. Preparedness (Emergency, Disasters);
  3. Cooking;
  4. Self-Defense;
  5. Home Defense;
  6. Martial Arts;
  7. Shooting;
  8. Fitness;
  9. Homesteading;
  10. Military

What I expect to see:

  • Original Content – It must be unique (I hope you understand this requirement). I won’t accept duplicated, curated, syndicated, or marketed (duplicated with minor changes) articles (I will check). If you decided to write for my readers, it must be something new;
  • Focus – The article you’re going to pitch, must be at one topic mentioned above and must be focused on that topic only. Make it simple but informative;
  • Word Count – Article’s size must be somewhere between 500 to 2,500 words. The article over 2,500 words will be separated into two different posts if they will fit in guidelines after that;
  • Writing Skills – Use correct grammar and spelling. I don’t have much time to edit your posts;
  • Images – If you going to send your own images, all of them must be made by yourself, or carry a Creative Commons 2.0 license. It must be at least 1000×600. All images will be watermarked with the Survival at Home logo.
  • What you will get?

    Thee things:

    1. Backlink to your blog/website;
    2. Social media exposure;
    3. Promotion on my website.

    If you are ready, please, submit the form below to get started!